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State: International

Due DateSolicitation Name
10/29/21 TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER OPPORTUNITY: Optimum Solar Conversion Cell Configu
10/29/21 TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER OPPORTUNITY: Novel, Solid-State Hybrid Ultracapaci
10/29/21 TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER OPPORTUNITY: Double-Fed Induction Linear Alternato
02/04/21 Low-Cost Chlorine Monitoring
01/12/21 Affordable Rural Single Family Sanitation Solutions
01/12/21 Y1DZ--Cooling Tower Crane
12/21/20 MIL-PRF-15719B, Lubricating Grease (High-Temperature, Electric Motor,
12/15/20 Internal Painting Works
12/14/20 R425--770-21-1-868-0001 -Eng Automation Support Svcs- National CMOP
12/11/20 Men's Air Force Lightweight Jacket
12/09/20 IFB 33-0099 MCOS Casings
12/04/20 X1AA--Myrtle Beach Vet Center
12/02/20 USAID Local Empowerment to Advance Development (USAID LEAD)
12/01/20 IFB 33-0092 Scrap Tires
12/01/20 Military Lending Act (MLA) No-Cost Contract for Credit Reporting Servi
11/27/20 Offshore Hire USPSC Senior Environment Advisor
11/24/20 Switch Push
11/23/20 DA10--Medical Coding Application
11/20/20 Post Life Insurance for Local Staffs
11/20/20 6515--New Bloom Stimulator System
11/19/20 4820 - Shut-Off Valve
11/19/20 NATO International Competitive Bidding (ICB): Enterprise Business Appl
11/17/20 4120--Replace Chilled Water Coil, VHA Long Beach (VA-21-00007511)
11/16/20 J046--Pico System UV Plus Cabinet System
11/09/20 FER CREDO

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