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State: International

Due DateSolicitation Name
02/02/25 Gas Turbines and Jet Engines
08/29/24 AFSOC 103021 SOF Maintenance Hangar and LXEZ 153953 SOF Composite Main
06/12/24 J8 Office Renovations
06/06/24 Vehicle Communication Upgrade
06/04/24 New Clubhouse for Clear Creek Golf Club
05/13/24 X2 Water Chemical BPA - FSC 6810, 6630 (RFI)
05/09/24 Property for Lease for Wind Lease and Servitude Agreement
04/30/24 Sales Tax Street and Road Rehabilitation Program
04/26/24 Engines, Components and Spt Eq.
04/25/24 B537 - Support surveillance of Severe Acute Respiratory Illness
04/25/24 B537 - Vector Biology Reasearch Program
04/19/24 Chapel Support Services Kadena Air Base
04/05/24 Recurring Maintenance & Minor Repair Services Romania
03/21/24 Walk-In Freezer - DOC (3000022595)
03/11/24 Indefinite Delivery Contract (idc) General Architect-engineering (a-e)
02/29/24 Navy Expeditionary Forces Regional Services Contract II - Base Operati
02/28/24 Playground Construction for U.S. Embassy in Ankara, Turkiye
02/20/24 Highway 90 Hurricane Mitigation Improvements
02/19/24 ***sources Sought**** Korean Translation Support Services At Various U
12/29/23 Bulk Waste Collection f/ Kadena Air Base
12/29/23 General Waste Collection f/ Kadena Air Base
12/28/23 Reinforced Concrete Pipe
12/27/23 Abatement at 203 Chester Street
12/19/23 Whole Genome Sequencing -LDH/OPH (3000022132)
11/10/23 Antarctic Research Vessel (ARV) Integrator, One-on-One Sessions with I

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