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State: International

Due DateSolicitation Name
10/04/20 RFQ: Start a 50MB Raw Internet Service From Vendor DEMARC
09/28/20 Licenses for Integration Testing *SOLE SOURCE*
09/25/20 R614--sources Sought Shredding Services
09/24/20 6515--NX EQ Slit Lamps Brand Name or Equal
09/23/20 LN Payroll System
09/20/20 Ac Repair
09/15/20 Motorola Radios
09/15/20 Vaddio Video Production
09/14/20 Fiberglass Replacement
09/14/20 Contract Leasing Services for Storage in the City
09/14/20 AudioCARE Prescription Text Messaging and Refill Reminders *SOLE SOUR
09/14/20 6030 - Brand Name or Equal FUJIKURA FUSION SPLICING KIT
09/11/20 Fac206023 Sole Source Intent Maintenance Service For HVAC Systems In N
09/07/20 Organist for Protastant and Catholic Services
09/04/20 Upgrade to Existing SRES Planter
09/04/20 AMXS Vehicle Fleet
09/03/20 Performance Pro Stryker Gurney
09/02/20 20343120Q00014 Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Services
09/01/20 Raysafe Tester Brand Name or Equal
08/31/20 Q999--Opioid Substitution Treatment
08/31/20 9515 - Synthetic Panel
08/28/20 Asphalt, Hot Mixed (LOCAL SOURCES ONLY)
08/28/20 VS 20 Portable Toilets and Sinks
08/27/20 OPTION - Hand Soap
08/21/20 6515--600-20-3-441-0261 DYNACAD 4 Systems (VA-20-00074686)

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