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State: Iowa

Due DateSolicitation Name
11/18/19 Sale of Property
11/15/19 Catered Meals for Training Sessions
11/15/19 Fish Hatchery Incubator System
11/07/19 69 KV Breaker Replacement
11/06/19 Maintenance and Building Electrical Upgrade
11/06/19 Garage Maintenance Facility Electrical Grounding
11/05/19 Window Replacement
11/01/19 Request for Quote - Confidential Documentation Destruction
10/31/19 Mental Health Access Center
10/30/19 Natural Areas Management
10/30/19 Eastside Sports Complex - Land Buffer
10/29/19 Council Chamber AV Hardware
10/29/19 Gym Entrance
10/29/19 Storm Inlet Safety Improvements Phase 1A
10/28/19 Network Switch
10/25/19 Sidewalk Construction
10/25/19 Flexible Spending Account Administration
10/24/19 2020 Roof Improvements
10/23/19 Floor Heating System Upgrades
10/23/19 Purchase One (1) Heavy Duty Tandem Axle Cab and Chassis Truck (Refuse
10/22/19 Portable Changeable Solar Message Board
10/18/19 Wayne Reliance Fuel Dispenser
10/18/19 2019 Model Year Ford Escape FWD with E85 Engines Only
10/18/19 Security Information and Event Management Software
10/15/19 Pretensioned Prestressed Concrete Beam Repair

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