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State: Iowa

Due DateSolicitation Name
04/10/19 Online Information Security Awareness Training
03/22/19 State Historical Society of Iowa Atrium Large Artifact Movement, Trans
03/22/19 Saylorville Lake Bulkheads
03/22/19 Provide, Install and Maintain a PT To PT 50MB Ethernet Access
03/22/19 2019 Hospital and Clinic Re-Roof Project
03/19/19 Re-Roof Project
03/19/19 WWTP Disinfection Improvements
03/19/19 Police Recruitment Video(s)
03/15/19 Landfill Expansion - Cell 9, Phase IV
03/15/19 9067.00 DOC MPCF Kitchen Dishwasher Vent Replacement
03/15/19 State Historical Society of Iowa Vibration Monitoring
03/14/19 FY 2019 Main Street Reconstruction
03/11/19 Landfill Work
03/11/19 Sale of General Obligation School Bonds, Series 2019
03/08/19 How to Escape Your Prison: A Moral Reconation Therapy Workbooks
03/07/19 CMHI Dishwasher
03/06/19 Add Air Conditioning
03/05/19 Housing Rehabilitation Program
03/05/19 Service Agreement for our Hobart FT900 Dishwasher
03/05/19 OBOGS CRU-123 Solid State Oxygen Monitor Software Upgrade T-45 *SOLE S
03/04/19 Lawn Care Services
03/01/19 Hay Ground
02/28/19 Ford F150 Extended Cab with 8' Body
02/26/19 2018 Annual Resurfacing Project - Phase II
02/25/19 Remodel for Thrift Store

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