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State: Illinois

Due DateSolicitation Name
11/22/23 24AL2131 Silver Springs S.P. Farm Lease
11/22/23 24AL2215 Des Plaines S.F.W.A. Farm Lease
11/22/23 24AL2466 Wilmington Shrub Prairie S.N.A.-Des Plaines S.F.W.A. Farm Lea
11/15/23 24AL2258 Mazonia-Braidwood S.F.W.A. Farm Lease
11/15/23 24AL2160 Crawford County S.F.W.A. Farm Lease
11/10/23 Third-Party Evaluator (RFP)
11/02/23 High Speed Turbo Blower
11/01/23 Landscape Maintenance Services
10/26/23 Tubes and Refractory Renovation of One Bryan Boiler
10/24/23 FY24 - Packard - Medical Director Services
10/24/23 Site Re-Development of the Existing Helen Plum Library - BP#1-31 Earth
10/24/23 Site Re-Development of the Existing Helen Plum Library - BP#1-02 Build
10/16/23 Emergency Final Cost Fire Sprinkler Repair A0040 Dickson Mounds (Sole
10/16/23 Golf Barrier Replacement
10/13/23 Scavenger Services (RFQ)
10/13/23 FY24 - Packard (McFarland) Anti-Ligature - Bathroom Wall Remodel *REBI
10/13/23 SUP 5 Day Janitorial L6498 Chicago (Sole Source)
10/11/23 Instant Oral Fluid Drug Test Kits TP (Sole Source)
10/10/23 Lane Tech HS - ACM and LBP Mitigation/Abatement - Only Prequalified Po
10/10/23 Region 3 Skid Steer Saw Attachment
10/10/23 DHS EMHC FY24 Tray Machine (RFQ)
10/09/23 Danville Black Rayon Thread RRR
10/05/23 1332 - Centralia ICI - Navy Blue Twill - VLW (RFQ)
10/04/23 Rpi 140 Cyber Warrior Trifold
10/04/23 Rpi 214_Special Forces - Quad Fold

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