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State: Wyoming

Due DateSolicitation Name
03/02/23 Wall Pad Replacement
03/01/23 Horse Pasture
03/01/23 Board Attorney
02/28/23 RFP - Communication and Engagement Plan
02/28/23 Town Hall Renovation Project
02/27/23 River Boat Launch and Parking Area
02/24/23 Redesign the SEDC Website
02/22/23 Roof Replacement
02/22/23 Roof Replacement
02/22/23 Roof Replacement
02/22/23 Roof Replacement
02/22/23 Park Improvements
02/21/23 Window Replacement
02/16/23 RFP - Physical Science Rf-1 Fan Replace
02/16/23 Retrofitted Beds and Sanders
02/15/23 Town Attorney
02/15/23 Parking Lot Improvements
02/13/23 Sale of 1997 Ford Vactor Truck
02/13/23 Town Hall Security Remodel
02/13/23 Sale of WARSW 1975 Fire Truck
02/09/23 Remove and Replace Cs160 Rtu
02/09/23 Sale of One (1) 1990 Superior Single Wheel Tandem Axle 8x17
02/07/23 New Conventional Truck Chassis for a Fire Water Tender
02/02/23 Spraying Saltcedar
02/02/22 Aerial Spraying Using a Helicopter for Cheatgrass and Noxious Manageme

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