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State: North Carolina

Due DateSolicitation Name
12/14/18 Bellows, Pressure
12/13/18 IFB - Stabilize Existing Sewer Stream Crossings
12/07/18 Request for Qualifications for Evaluation of Water Treatment Facility
12/06/18 Remove Bridge #214 On Sr 3058 (judge Adams Road), Grading and Gravel E
12/06/18 Intersection Improvements
12/06/18 Grading, Drainage, Structure and Paving
12/06/18 Crack Sealing On Various Secondary Routes and Nine (9) Bus Drives/park
12/06/18 Crack Sealing On Various Primary and Secondary Routes
12/04/18 Aspen Dental Tenant Build-Out
12/04/18 Commissary Services
11/27/18 On-Call Concrete Services for the Transit Department
11/26/18 Sale of County Property-06-E052
11/26/18 Thermocouple, Contact
11/26/18 Sta 242 Lower Fitting
11/26/18 Sta 302 Lower Fitting
11/26/18 Damper, Canopy
11/26/18 Cleaning Machine, Fu
11/26/18 Valve, Safety Relief
11/26/18 Request for Qualifications for Trivium Parkway Design
11/23/18 Aircraft Components And Accessories
11/21/18 Cable Assembly, Special
11/21/18 Diaphragm
11/21/18 DEF Fuel For Six Months
11/19/18 Request for Qualification for Consulting Service for Pender County Cou
11/16/18 Modular Classroom Restoration

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