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State: North Carolina

Due DateSolicitation Name
04/12/24 South Property Partial Closure Phase 2 - Cells 7-10a (RFB)
04/08/24 Security Services (RFP)
04/02/24 Ballistic Backglazing (AFB)
04/02/24 Courthouse Boiler & Chemical Feed Replacement (ITB)
03/28/24 On-Campus Laundry Service (RFP)
03/28/24 Nature Center Gateway (AFB)
03/28/24 Travel Agency (RFP)
03/26/24 Citywide Shop Tools And Equipment (ITB)
03/22/24 Pavement Condition Rating Services (RFQ)
03/22/24 Street Micro-Surfacing & Crack Sealing Project (RFP)
03/21/24 Hanes Landfill MSE Berm Project (AFB)
03/21/24 Westover Recreation Center Generator Installation
03/20/24 Passenger Information & Electronic Fare Collection Systems (RFP)
03/20/24 Water Reclamation Facility Expansion Project (SOQ)
03/19/24 ISS Toilet Room & Gym Renovation
03/14/24 Stevens Center Renovations, Phase I
03/13/24 Haywood and Jones County Acquisition 4588-0010, 4412-0003
03/11/24 Test Well Program for Grays Creek Phase I (AFB)
03/08/24 Treated Lumber (IFB)
03/08/24 Third Party Administration Services (TFP)
03/06/24 Small Business Assistance Grant Program Financial Underwriting Consult
03/06/24 Pump Motor (AFB)
03/06/24 Rescue Rope Equipment
03/05/24 Central Plaza Drainage and Landscape Improvements *Rebid*
02/29/24 Bradford Building Pump 2 Replacement (IFB)

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