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State: Manitoba

Due DateSolicitation Name
11/06/19 Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
12/27/18 Strategic Communication Support Services
12/17/18 Single Grain Seed Analyzer and Sorter
12/14/18 Preventative Maintenance of Mechanical Equipment
12/05/18 Consulting Services for the Creation of a Community Safety Strategic A
12/04/18 RFP - Training Services for Water and Wastewater Facility Operators
12/04/18 Rental of a 30,000 Lb. Fork Lift
12/03/18 NRFP - Construction of a Modular Childcare Centre
11/30/18 Heavy Equipment Rental Proposals
11/30/18 Expression of Interest - As To the Availability of Space for Lease
11/30/18 RM of Taché – LUD of Landmark Lift Station 2, Forcemain and Gravity
11/30/18 Space for Lease
11/29/18 RFP - Tailrace Fish Stranding Mitigation - Seven Sisters Generating St
11/29/18 Hydraulic Soil Sampling Machine
11/28/18 Urinalysis Services
11/28/18 Neonatal Birthing Beds
11/27/18 Request for Quote - Provision of Snow Clearing Services Various Winnip
11/27/18 Winkler Meridian Exhibition Centre - Subtrade Tender Package 01 Founda
11/27/18 Bolt, Panel Clip
11/26/18 RFP - Biosecurity Monitoring
11/26/18 Check Point Annual Maintenance Support
11/23/18 Retail Presence - Play Table Interactive Displays
11/23/18 Z Bar, Screw Anchor, Traffic Signal
11/20/18 Request for Quote - Submersible Dewatering Pumps
11/14/18 RFP - Dutch Elm Tree Removal Service

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