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State: Washington

Due DateSolicitation Name
05/01/20 Risk and Resilience Assessment Study
04/30/20 Cryptoanalysis Computer Workstation
04/28/20 Job Order Contract (JOC) 2020 - A
04/27/20 RFP - Taiwan In-Market Representative
04/27/20 RFP - Canada In-Market Representative
04/27/20 RFP - East In-Market Representative
04/23/20 New Elementary Schools BP15, BP16, BP17, BP18, BP19, BP20, BP21, BP22
04/22/20 Paving and ADA
04/22/20 New Elementary Schools BP6, BP7, BP5, BP9, BP10, BP11, BP12, BP13, BP1
04/22/20 Fish Passage
04/17/20 Roadway Pavement Condition Survey and Rating
04/16/20 On-Call Construction Management Services
04/16/20 Ethernet Wireline or Fixed Wireless Services Consolidated Technology S
04/15/20 Request for Quotations - 13.8 kV Metal-Clad Switchgear
04/15/20 I-5, 0.5 Mile North of Interstate Bridge To Northeast 99th Street Sout
04/15/20 ITB - Furnish and Apply Magnesium Chloride To County Roads
04/15/20 Overlay and ADA Ramps
04/14/20 Parking Lot
04/13/20 Pump Station (Electrical Materials Only)
04/13/20 Provide Employment and Training Services Funded Through the Workforce
04/09/20 ST1 LRV Gear Unit Rubber Wedges
04/09/20 Workforce Classification and Compensation Services
04/07/20 Fairgrounds Building No. 1 and 2
03/30/20 Asbestos Danger Labels
03/30/20 Wallowa-Whitmann NF Cutting Map Reprint

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