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State: Washington

Due DateSolicitation Name
11/11/22 2023 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program Year
11/02/22 Surplus Textbooks
10/25/22 Mold Remediation
10/21/22 Interior Improvements of the Public Works Center
10/20/22 Road Wildfire Risk Mitigation Project
10/18/22 Mail Courier Services
10/18/22 Construction of a New Transit Hub
10/17/22 Security Services for Hope VI Communities
10/17/22 Provide Prioritized Legacy Projects and Programs To Help Residents - A
10/14/22 Provide Fresh Produce for the Student Nutrition Program
10/14/22 Street Improvements
10/14/22 Multiple Generator Sets
10/13/22 Purchase New, Install, and Dispose of Old Generators
10/10/22 Armed Forces Recruiting
10/10/22 Armed Forces Career Center
10/07/22 Professional Auditing Services
10/07/22 Batteries for Transportation Vehicles
10/06/22 Can, Hermetic Sealing
10/06/22 Management Consulting Services *Sole Source*
10/06/22 2022 Commercial Door Installation and Unit Priced Maintenance
10/06/22 Shelf, Electrical EQ
10/06/22 Switching Unit, Power
10/03/22 Radome
09/30/22 Library Streaming Video Digital Content - * Sole Source
09/30/22 Digital Newspapers Metadata Processing

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