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State: Washington

Due DateSolicitation Name
09/10/18 Mobilizing Funding for Puget Sound Recovery
09/04/18 Pipeline Dormitory
08/31/18 Replacement of a Case Management Information System
08/28/18 Sponsor Based Rental Assistance Leasing Specialist Services
08/28/18 RFP - Facility O&M and Essential Needs Assistance
08/20/18 Material Handling Pallet - *Sole Source*
08/17/18 Concrete Floor, Trench Drain, & Floor Hyronic Heat System
08/17/18 EMS Simulation Room
08/17/18 SV64 Engine Overhaul and Life Cycle Maintenance
08/10/18 Interior Asbestos Abatement & Carpet Installation Services
08/08/18 115 kV V-Type Switches Arlington Switching Station
08/06/18 Charter School Operation and Governance Training for Boards and Operat
08/03/18 Cushman North Fork Fish Sorting Facility Control System Upgrade
08/03/18 RFP - Executive Search Services
08/03/18 Spartan Sewer Jet
08/01/18 LLA-Utility Vehicles
07/31/18 2018 Citywide Asphalt Overlay
07/31/18 Power Transformer
07/30/18 Paint, Antifouling
07/30/18 Aluminum & Steel Materials
07/30/18 Development of an Autonomous Computational System with Algorithm to De
07/27/18 Land Appraisal in King County
07/26/18 Excavator Rental, White River Area Mount Rainier
07/25/18 Hepa Filter
07/20/18 Mast Tripod

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