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State: Montana

Due DateSolicitation Name
12/18/18 Teton Rest Area Caretaker Services
12/12/18 Infectious Disease Immunoassay System
12/11/18 Teton Rest Area Maintenance, Great Falls Area
12/10/18 Purchase of a New Point of Sales (POS) System for MetraPark
12/07/18 Bad Rock Rural Fire District's Board of Trustees
12/04/18 Replacement of 13th St Underpass Pumps
11/30/18 Flatbeds
11/30/18 Flatbeds
11/30/18 Urban Renewal Projects Within the Railroad Urban Renewal District (RUR
11/28/18 Medical Gas
11/28/18 Dump Body & Hoist
11/27/18 Snow Clearing Services At Helena Aviation Facilities
11/23/18 Storage Space
11/22/18 2018 Year End External Audit - Audit Proposal 2018
11/21/18 Sale of 2002 - 580 Super M Backhoe Loader
11/20/18 Pronghorn Collars
11/20/18 2019 33,000 GVW Single Axle Tote Mount Paint Truck
11/20/18 National Forest Timber for Sale - Big Larch Deck Sale
11/16/18 Cliff Creek Decks Salvage Sale
11/16/18 Sterling Decks Salvage Sale
11/16/18 Edna Decks Salvage Sale
11/15/18 The Clematis Decks Salvage Sale
11/15/18 Spotted WMA 2019 Fencing Project
11/13/18 Wide Area Mower, Schedule A and B
01/10/18 Renovate Primary Care

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