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State: Yukon Territories

Due DateSolicitation Name
07/18/19 Supply and Deliver a Production Scanner, a Large Format Scanner and Co
07/18/19 RFB - Production Scanner, Image Processing Software
07/11/19 Design Build Services For Supply and Install Baggage Handling System
07/11/19 Audits of Community Buildings
07/11/19 Exterior Structure Re-painting
07/10/19 Waste Management Facility (WMF) South Development Project
07/10/19 Consulting Services for Tlingit Street Reconstruction Project
07/08/19 North Apron Rehabilitation
07/08/19 Professional Licensing Online Software
07/04/19 Site Grading
07/02/19 Faro Fire Hall and Public Works Building
06/28/19 RFQ - Water Monitoring Program
06/28/19 RFP - Reservoir Cleaning
06/27/19 Carpet Replacement
06/27/19 RFB - Carpet Replacement
06/27/19 Shingles Replacement
06/27/19 RFP - Building and Site Assessment Services
06/26/19 Roofing Replacement Project
06/25/19 Water Main Project
06/25/19 Compost Facility Upgrades
06/24/19 Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting command Rapid Intervention Emergency Veh
06/20/19 RFP - Security Services
06/19/19 RFT - 2019 Main Street Conduit Installation Project
06/17/19 Road Repairs and Erosion Control
06/07/19 Sale of Gold Rush Era Structure: Relocation and Reuse

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