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State: Connecticut

Due DateSolicitation Name
09/12/18 Request for Qualifications - Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge Structural M
08/30/18 RFP - Parking Ticket, Permit and Civil Citation Management Services
08/24/18 RFP - Reconstruction of Moose Hill Road
08/21/18 ITB - Fire Hydrant Painting
08/15/18 Request for Quotation - Purchase & Install Solar Lighting Array on EDC
08/15/18 Replacement of Bridge No. 02968
08/13/18 RFP - Cafeteria Staffing Services
08/09/18 Sewer/storm Manhole Covers, Frames and Risers
08/08/18 Fascia Painting of Bridge No. 00477
08/08/18 Realignment of the Long Ridge Road Railroad-Highway Grade Crossing
08/08/18 Beacon Falls Maintenance Tank Replacement
08/08/18 Maintenance and Repairs To Eight (8) Various Town Bridges
08/07/18 Heating Oil
08/07/18 Restoration Services for the Water Street Garage
08/06/18 Request for Proposal - Install Nine (9) Split AC Units in the Communi
08/03/18 Install New Floor in Gym, Auditorium and Halls at AW Spaulding School
08/03/18 S. Windham Campus: Solar Garage and Electrical Services Interconnectio
08/02/18 Exterior Painting of the Town Hall
08/01/18 Irrigation Systems Maintenance Services
07/31/18 Refurbish One (1) 2000 Athey Mobile M-9D Sweeper
07/31/18 Refuse and Recycling for the State of Connecticut, Judicial Branch
07/31/18 Emergency Generator Preventative Maintenance Services
07/27/18 Greenwich Historical Society Site Improvement
07/25/18 Hydraulic Power Carts
07/20/18 NSSF Temporary Fire Fighting Parts Kit

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