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State: Connecticut

Due DateSolicitation Name
04/15/19 Home Visiting Programs
04/12/19 Parenting Support Services
04/04/19 Water Pollution Control Facility Upgrade Project Construction
03/29/19 Tuberculosis and Hepatitis B Vaccination Program and Medical Oversight
03/28/19 On-call Emergency Restoration Services
03/26/19 Pension and Other Post-Employment Benefits Actuarial Services
03/21/19 Construction Management Services
03/21/19 Request for Qualifications - Construction Mgr At Risk - Municipal Comp
03/20/19 School Flooring Project
03/20/19 Paper supplies and janitorial items for our production facility
03/18/19 Financial Aid Packaging
03/15/19 Fabrication & Installation of Mock Submarine Hull
03/14/19 Roof Replacement & Masonry Repairs Project
03/14/19 Janitorial Services
03/13/19 Website Maintenance
03/12/19 Surplus Network Equipment From Town Hall Location
03/08/19 EEO Investigation Services
03/08/19 legal services
03/08/19 RFP - Radio Infrastructure Project Consultant
03/08/19 Installation of Lightning Protection System
03/08/19 RFP for Auditing Services
03/08/19 RFP for Legal Services
03/07/19 Rifle Optic
03/05/19 Rental of Yanmar Excavator and Attached Grapple
03/04/19 Storage Server Solution

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