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State: Connecticut

Due DateSolicitation Name
08/10/20 RFP - Lease and Occupy - Approx. 600 SF - Lobby Level
08/04/20 HVAC Services
08/04/20 RFP - Professional Development and Training for Guided Pathways Adviso
07/30/20 Miscellaneous Tools Salvatore Amadeo
07/30/20 Police Vehicles
07/29/20 Custodial Supplies
07/29/20 Workstations for the Town's PC Life Cycle Program
07/28/20 Milk
07/28/20 Prepackaged Breakfast & Cereal
07/24/20 Request for Quote - Appliance
07/24/20 Two Meals On Wheels Vehicles With Hotshot
07/23/20 Hall Wood Shingle Replacement
07/23/20 Hall Lula Elevator Replacement
07/23/20 Weather Forecasting Services
07/23/20 Pizza Items
07/23/20 Dry Grocery and General Items
07/23/20 Beef, Chicken and Other Meats
07/22/20 Fruits and Vegetebles
07/22/20 Frozen and General Grocery Items
07/21/20 ITB - 2021 Ford Interceptor SUV 3.0L Awd Ecoboost Police Package
07/20/20 School Pavement Replacement Project
07/20/20 Upgrading License to Version 19C for Oracle Database Server and Applic
07/17/20 Partial Roof Replacement
07/14/20 Anterior Segment Camera
07/08/20 Kitchen Equipment

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