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State: North Dakota

Due DateSolicitation Name
08/07/19 Airport Parking Facilities Management
08/02/19 Non-Exclusive Rental Car Concessions
07/29/19 EERC Crane
07/26/19 Data Architecture, Strategy and Technology Consulting Services
07/18/19 Substation, Station Service Replacement
07/12/19 HES-1-999(036) - Flashing Beacon Signing
07/12/19 ROM-0300(137) - Reconstruction
07/11/19 Classroom Relocation - Electrical Construction Work
07/11/19 Classroom Relocation - General Construction
07/11/19 Classroom Relocation - Mechanical Construction Work
07/10/19 High Compaction Front Loading Refuse Collection Truck Body and Chassis
07/09/19 NDHP Uniform Shirt Class B
07/08/19 Traffic Signal Video Detection Systems
07/08/19 Demolition and Remodeling City Hall
07/08/19 General Al Palmer Visitor Center
07/03/19 Stabilize & Rehabilitate the Historic Complex
07/02/19 RDC Roof
07/01/19 Paving/street Lighting for the Park
07/01/19 Replacement of Abbott Hall East Staircase
06/25/19 Storage Building
06/25/19 Printing- BND EM materials
06/25/19 Plumbing
06/24/19 IPads
06/20/19 Elementary School Security Entry Addition
06/20/19 Siemens Console Relocation

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