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State: North Dakota

Due DateSolicitation Name
08/28/24 Test Fire Dampers 36C263-24-AP-2636 Invitation For Bid
08/06/24 Mandan Boat Ramp
08/05/24 Baseball Field Sewer Main Replacement
08/05/24 Abandoned Vehicles
08/01/24 MSU Campus Heights Siding & Window Replacement
08/01/24 NDSU Re-Engaement for Stopped Out Students (RFP)
08/01/24 School Ag Building
07/31/24 Fire Station No. 5 Addition
07/31/24 Incentivization for Technology Companies and Establishment of a Global
07/25/24 1,000 Gallon and 2,000 Gallon Fuel Tanks for Sale
07/23/24 Public Safety Vehicle Lights, Sirens, and Accessories
07/23/24 Graphics for UND
07/23/24 Decals, NDDOT Fleet Logo
07/22/24 2024-2025 Sports Medicine
07/22/24 Sources Sought - Replace Sprinkler Heads
07/19/24 Minot AFB Library Shelving
07/19/24 Sources Sought - Advertising Services at the Ralph Engelstad Arena in
07/17/24 Underground Utility Installation Services for a New Building
07/16/24 Sale of One 53 Passenger, 2008 IC CE School Bus
07/16/24 2024 Aluminum Tank Trailer
07/16/24 Wood Roof Trusses
07/16/24 Floor Trusses
07/15/24 On-site Event Production and Staging Services for the Main Street Summ
07/15/24 Waterous CPK-5 Fire Pump Replacement
07/15/24 Gas Chromatograph with Flame Ionization Detectors (GC-FIDs) Annual Ser

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