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State: New York

Due DateSolicitation Name
03/25/20 Audio Visual and Interactive Flat Panels
03/13/20 RFP - Siding and Canopy Project
03/13/20 RFP - Re-pointing of Old Courthouse Building
03/13/20 RFP - Glass Block Window Caulking Asbestos Abatement
03/03/20 Clearing and Cutting of Lots
02/27/20 Custodial Supplies (cooperative)
02/19/20 Art Supplies
02/19/20 City Hall Fire/Police Floor Replacement 2020-23
02/14/20 Kit, Harness, APC Sensor
02/14/20 Kit, Automatic Passenger Counter Sensor and Hardware
02/14/20 Signage and Wayfinding Design
02/12/20 FY19 Maintenance Dredging of Jamaica Bay Federal Navigation Project
02/11/20 Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs)
02/10/20 RFP - Food, Beverage and Boat Rental Concession
02/10/20 RFP - Food, Beverage and/or Retail Concession
02/07/20 VMWare AirWatch Workplace One Advanced Cloud SAAS
02/06/20 Electrical Work for AC Initiative / Exit Signs
02/06/20 Vapor Phase Carbon and Changeout Contract
02/06/20 Reconstruction & Alterations to Various Schools
02/06/20 Electric Distribution and Switchboard Upgrades - Contract E - Electric
02/05/20 Fiberglass Shelters
02/05/20 Portable Toilet Rentals
02/04/20 Curtain Wall Removal & New Fa├žade Installation, Front Entrance Restor
01/31/20 Food Service Concession
01/30/20 Xerographic Paper

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