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State: New York

Due DateSolicitation Name
05/30/18 RFP - School District Physician
05/30/18 RFP - DOT Testing & Occupational Health Services
05/29/18 RFP - Maintenance, Repair and Operating (MRO) Supplies & Related Produ
05/25/18 Food Service Facilities Thruway Service Areas
05/24/18 RFP - Lower South Street Development
05/24/18 Jacobs Valley Storm Sewer Improvements
05/23/18 Commodity Processed Frozen Foods
05/23/18 Educational Recruitment Advertising Services
05/21/18 Intralogic Solutions Cameras & Mounting Kits for LIRR
05/18/18 Materials & Supplies for Bus, Van, Auto Parts & Transmission 2018-2019
05/10/18 Pressure Washers (5,000 psi)
05/10/18 Used Steel Storage Containers
05/10/18 Municipal Solid Waste & Recyclables Disposal Program
05/10/18 Repair of Toyota and Ford Hybrid Vehicles
05/09/18 Three (3) Year Blanket PO for Various Electrical Components
05/09/18 Purchase of a New Little Wonder (or Equal) Tow Behind Trailer Leaf Vac
05/09/18 2018 Summer Camp Bus Transportation
05/09/18 Lawrence Middle School Auditorium Electrical Improvement
05/09/18 Purchase of Lexan 9034 (or Equal) Poly-Carbonate Sheeting
05/08/18 Uniforms (Custodial/Maintenance/Food Service)
05/04/18 Mowing
05/04/18 Fiscal Advisory Services
05/03/18 Construction of Four (4) Medians South of Long Island Railroad, Straig
05/03/18 Recreational Mobility Chairs for Disabled People; Vipamat, Hippocampe,
05/01/18 Diesel Fuel

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