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State: New York

Due DateSolicitation Name
06/19/19 RFP - Contract Operations and Maintenance, Management, and Program Man
05/24/19 Electrical Construction Services
05/23/19 Maintenance Garage Relocation
05/16/19 Varsity Letters & Athletic Chenille Pins
05/16/19 RFP - Installation, Cleaning & Repair of Auditorium Stage Curtains
05/15/19 RFP - Integrated Pest Management
05/15/19 Provision of Professional Services
05/15/19 Provide, Install, and Maintain Start a DISN Virtual Private Network (V
05/15/19 RFP - Indirect Cost Allocation Plan
05/13/19 Elevator Inspection Services
05/10/19 Trustee Services *SOLE SOURCE
05/10/19 E-ZPass Customer Service Center
05/09/19 Dock Replacement
05/09/19 Playground Improvements at Camping Area D
05/07/19 IFB - Public Officials Liability & Employment Practices Liability Insu
05/07/19 Library Reconstruction at South High School
05/06/19 Stryker's Pulse Lavage Products and Related Items
05/03/19 Masonry and Concrete Materials, Tools and Supplies
05/03/19 Provision of Maintenance and Repair Services of Security Serveillance
05/03/19 Furnishing and Installation of a Pre-engineered Metal Building System
05/02/19 Licensed Security Guard Services
05/01/19 District Printing and Publications 2018/2019
04/26/19 Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning and Inspections
04/26/19 Demolition & Removal
04/24/19 Removal, Dewater and Dispose of Residuals

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