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State: New York

Due DateSolicitation Name
07/25/24 Birchwood and Butterhill Drainage Improvements Project
07/22/24 Automatic Vending Machine Service I-88 Rest Area Locations (IFB)
07/17/24 Annual Financing Lease/Purchase (Installment Purchase) Contracts (RFP)
07/11/24 Maintenance and Repairs of Elevators and Lifts
07/11/24 2024 Landfill Gas System Improvements and Dewatering
07/11/24 Transportation Services
07/10/24 Isaias Gonzales-Soto Branch Library HVAC Improvements
07/10/24 City of Buffalo City Wide Community Center Roof Replacements Phase 2
07/09/24 Tonawanda City Hall Side Entrance Renovation
07/08/24 Roof Repair
07/08/24 SQUAN I LLC (Ron Cieri) - Covered Manure Storage, Roofed Barnyard, Acc
07/05/24 Renovations To Harris Hill Youth Camp
07/03/24 Traffic Signal & Streetlighting Maintenance
07/02/24 Art Supplies - 2024-2025 - Niskayuna Central School District
07/01/24 School Physician Services (RFP)
06/28/24 Boiler Repair/Rebuild
06/27/24 Provision of Tenant Services in Senior Affordable (SARA) Housing (RFP)
06/27/24 Safe Havens Openā€Ended *RE-BID*
06/27/24 Cooling Tower Treatment
06/27/24 HVAC Shop Renovations
06/26/24 Kitchen Equipment with Installation Services *RE-BID*
06/25/24 Wheel Loader Rental
06/25/24 Milling Machines and Lathes
06/18/24 Mechanical Work for Union Springs 2023 CIP *Re-bid*
06/18/24 Grounds Keeping Equipment

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