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State: Maine

Due DateSolicitation Name
05/14/19 Gasoline and Diesel for Trucks
05/14/19 Municipal Heating Propane
05/14/19 Municipal Heating Oil
05/14/19 Trash Removal for Municipal Facilities
05/14/19 General Assistance Heating Oil
05/14/19 General Assistance Propane
05/14/19 General Assistance Kerosene
05/14/19 Vehicle Repairs
05/14/19 Airport Mowing
05/08/19 Improvements To Be Made To the Branch Rail Trail
05/08/19 Paving Bids for Local Roads
05/03/19 Winter Sand
05/03/19 Snowplowing & Sanding of Town Office Parking Lot
05/03/19 Sweeping of Town Office Parking Lot & Driveway
05/03/19 Road Grading of Town Roads
05/03/19 Paving Bids of Town Roads
05/03/19 Lawn Mowing of Town Office Lawns
05/03/19 Snowplowing & Sanding of Town Roads
05/03/19 Bush Hogging of Town Roads
05/02/19 Reconstruction of the Running Track At Hosmer Field
05/02/19 Water Main Replacement
05/02/19 Fire Suppression Systems and Heat Pump Systems
05/01/19 Main Street Utility Upgrades 2019
05/01/19 Chandler Bay and St Croix River Boat Launch Facilities
04/26/19 Supplying a New Air Handling Unit With Heat Recovery and Hot Water Coi

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