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State: Nova Scotia

Due DateSolicitation Name
11/22/21 RFP - Snow Removal and Ice Control Services
11/18/21 Roof Replacement
11/17/21 Tandem Truck Chassis with Dump Body, Tow Package & Quick Tach Plow
11/15/21 New Fuel Dispensing Systems DPW Plow Sheds
11/10/21 Sidewalk Snow Removal and Ice Control Services
11/09/21 Supply & Installation of Two Backwash Pumps
11/09/21 Plumbing Maintenance and Repair Services
11/09/21 CCGC Library Renovation
11/08/21 Water Reservoir Maintenance and Repair
11/08/21 Boiler Replacement
11/08/21 Warm Air Furnace Replacement
11/05/21 Single Engine 4-Wheel Vacuum Street Sweeper
11/05/21 Asphalt Removal : New Sodding/ Patios/ Fences/Clothlines
11/05/21 Standing Offer Safety Salt
11/05/21 Parking Lot and Driveway Asphalt Paving
11/05/21 Door Replacements
11/05/21 Alumni Residence Washroom Refurbishments
11/05/21 Replace 2 Existing Walkways With New Concrete Ramps
11/04/21 Request for Quote - Supply and Deliver Plastic Stretch Wrap
11/04/21 Snow Removal, Sand, And/or Salting Wastewater Parking Lots Only
11/03/21 Maintenance and Repairs on Fitness Equipment
10/29/21 Pave Parking Lot
10/28/21 New Asphalt, Driveway/Parking & New Sidewalk Curb & Cutter
10/28/21 Tree Removal Services
10/27/21 RFP - Residential Heavy Garbage Collection

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