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State: Nova Scotia

Due DateSolicitation Name
04/22/20 Fire Hall - 2nd Floor Renovations
04/22/20 Request for Quotation - Tower and Shelter Construction
04/22/20 Patching Crack Filling and Seal Micro-surfacing
04/21/20 Courts Phase 1
04/17/20 Bridge Rehabilitation
04/17/20 Bridge Construction
04/17/20 Automated Total Nucleic Acid Extraction Platforms, Reagents, and Consu
04/16/20 Arts Centre New Addition, TP 3V Interior Glazing
04/16/20 Arts Centre New Addition, TP 3AE Audience Seating
04/16/20 Asphalt Concrete Patching and Repaving
04/15/20 Arts Centre New Addition, TP 3L Miscellaneous Metals
04/15/20 Seal Coat "A" Fourteen Projects
04/15/20 Street Planer Patching - Phase 2
04/15/20 Arts Centre New Addition and Existing, TP 3R Painting
04/14/20 Asphalt Paving
04/14/20 Supply & Delivery for Personal Protective Equipment
04/13/20 Calcium Chloride Flakes
04/10/20 RFT - Intersection Painting
04/10/20 Nova Scotia Together: Help Fight Coronavirus
04/10/20 RFT - Line Painting
04/09/20 Equipment Purchase 2020 4WD Backhoe
04/09/20 Environmental Site Assessment & Geotechnical Assessment
04/07/20 RFP - Physical Security Consulting Services
04/02/20 Huggins Science Hall Food Commodities Lab Renovation
03/26/20 Request for Quotation - Supply & Install Two (2) Directory Signs

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