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State: Nova Scotia

Due DateSolicitation Name
11/08/19 University Food Services
11/05/19 IT Campus - Centre for Technology Innovation - Construction Management
10/29/19 Campus Electrical Distribution Upgrade
10/29/19 Circulator Upgrades
10/29/19 Campus Dishwasher Replacement
10/28/19 Removal and Installation of Pre-Purchased Boilers
10/25/19 Request for Quotation - Supply of Boiler - Liverpool Plow Shed
10/24/19 Garbage Sorting
10/23/19 CMS New Marconi Campus
10/22/19 New Ride-on Sweeper for Divert Processing/Warehouse Facility
10/22/19 AHU-4 Replacement
10/22/19 Actuarial Firms
10/21/19 Plumbing Services
10/21/19 Repair and Maintenance to all Boilers of Centre
10/21/19 Centre Overhead Doors Maintenance & Repairs
10/18/19 Window Replacement
10/18/19 Justice Centre Accessibility Retrofit
10/18/19 Construction and Delivery of Cable Ferries
10/18/19 Roof Replacement
10/17/19 Snow Removal
10/17/19 Head Office Sanitation Project Phase 3
10/17/19 Snow Removal
10/17/19 Request for Standing Offer- Snow and Ice Control- Hourly Equipment
10/16/19 Supply & Delivery of Gas Mask Canisters
10/16/19 UV Upgrade

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