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State: Delaware

Due DateSolicitation Name
08/31/18 Administrative Fair Hearing Officer
08/31/18 RFP - Administrative Fair Hearing Officer
08/13/18 Printing Services Supplemental
08/09/18 Sussex County Court houses - Lighting Project
08/09/18 RFP - Preventative Maintenance, Elevators and Escalators
08/09/18 Elevator and Escalator Inspections
08/07/18 Delaware Hospital for the Chronically Ill – Candee Building – Roof
08/07/18 Carvel State Office Building – Roof Top Anchors
08/07/18 Thomas B Sharp Conference Center
08/07/18 ITB - Sharp Center HVAC System
08/06/18 RFP - Utilization Review Program
08/01/18 RFP -Online Courses Instructional Design and Subject Matter Expertise
07/31/18 Carpet Installation/Removal
07/30/18 Ambulance Services for City of Dover
07/26/18 Orchard Street Project
07/26/18 Front Street Curb/Sidewalk Project
07/26/18 Replace Turbo Exhaust Pipe
07/26/18 Front Street Paving
07/25/18 UTV with Snow Plows
07/24/18 Brand Name or Equal to DevExpress Subscription Renewal 10 License
07/20/18 Storage Rack Assembly
07/20/18 School Support Services
07/20/18 Knoll Modular Furniture Reconfiguration *Sole Source*
07/18/18 Self-Propelled Articulating Boom
07/12/18 OnBase Software

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