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State: California

Due DateSolicitation Name
01/17/19 Custodial Services
01/15/19 Antelope Valley College - Sage Hall
01/11/19 Repair and Replace Football Scoreboard
01/08/19 ISP Services
01/08/19 Data Services
01/08/19 Wide Area Network Connections
01/04/19 RFP - Consulting Services and Negotiation of Land Sale Agreement
01/04/19 Demolition of Three (3) Multi-Family Buildings At Jordan Downs Housing
12/26/18 Motorized Overhead Coiling Door
12/21/18 ITB - Panasonic Tablets, Accessories, and Warranty Support Services
12/19/18 Pneumatic Vaccum
12/19/18 Hytorc Parts
12/18/18 Bucket, Metal, Paint, 5 gal
12/18/18 CNG Utilities Service Trucks
12/18/18 Bicycle, Magnus IE, "Raleigh"
12/18/18 Tire and Tire Casings
12/18/18 Refrigeration Unit, Booster Pump, Battery Kit, Mfr: Teledyne
12/18/18 Bicycle, APB197EB, "Volcanic"
12/18/18 Ammunition, .308 Win, Federal Gold Medal Match
12/18/18 Batteries, High Capacity
12/18/18 Plug-In Card and Power Supply Board, Mfr: Babbitt
12/18/18 Police, Personal Property Bag, Heat Sealable, Seq. Numbers
12/18/18 Tote, Reusable
12/18/18 Cloth, Eco-Friendly Cleaning
12/17/18 Furniture:: Mattress, Custom, 36x84 Inches

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