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State: Alberta

Due DateSolicitation Name
08/08/19 Construction and Demolition Building
07/23/19 Provision of Recruitment Services for President & Chief Executive Offi
07/18/19 Forensic Accountant Services
07/17/19 Services - Janitorial Cleaning for City Facilities
07/16/19 ENMAX 19-2204 RFP for Asset Management Plans
07/12/19 Telephone System Infrastructure Upgrade
07/12/19 Request for Supplier Qualification - Pest Control
07/11/19 External Municipal Financial Auditing Services
07/11/19 Needs Assessment, Bid Package and Construction Admin
07/10/19 Platform Repairs
07/10/19 Trout Lake /Peerless Lake Grader Contracts
07/09/19 RFP - Wastewater Treatment Plant Leaking Walls - Assessment
07/09/19 Security Guard Services
07/08/19 Street Widening and Paving
07/05/19 Collaborative Extended Producer Responsibility Study
07/04/19 Roadway Deep Repairs
07/04/19 Enthalpy Wheel Replacement
07/04/19 Intersection Improvements, Roadway and Site Development
07/03/19 Pedestrian Connection - 2019
07/03/19 Culvert Replacement and Other Work
06/28/19 Tissue Processor, Microtome and Cyrostat
06/28/19 Delivery of Safety Courses
06/27/19 Minor Modernization
06/25/19 Scrap metal and White Goods
06/21/19 Modernization Tender Package 1

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