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State: Colorado

Due DateSolicitation Name
05/30/18 Purchase and Delivery of Propane
05/25/18 2018 Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalk Replacement Project
05/25/18 Purchase and Development of City Property
05/21/18 Preliminary Engineering Reports for a Central Sewer System and a Water
05/21/18 Request for Information- Copier Rental - Managed Print Services
05/18/18 Consultant Services - Classification/Compensation Study
05/11/18 Request for Professional Services Administration Development of a Home
05/11/18 Insulate Boiler Plant Baghouses
05/10/18 Request for Quote - Facility, Cleaning Contractor at Arvada Lab
05/10/18 NIST Boulder Gases
05/09/18 Boiler Repair
05/08/18 Beef, Poultry and Cheese Products
05/08/18 Maroon Bells Vault Toilets & Installation
05/04/18 Fire Trainer Maintenance Repair
05/04/18 Kiowa Fire Station Addition Project
05/03/18 Bathroom Remodel
05/03/18 Office Remodel
05/03/18 Booster Pump Station Air Conditioning
05/03/18 Storage/Chemical Room Remodel
05/01/18 554 ACT CW EQ073 Cubicle Curtains
04/30/18 Request for Quote - 2 x Tractors with Trade Ins for PHIP (PMAA)
04/27/18 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
04/26/18 Request for Quote - Weekly Produce Bid, CAA1
04/26/18 Antenna System Restoration Services
03/08/18 FBI Fence Project

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