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State: Colorado

Due DateSolicitation Name
07/26/19 ADA Restroom Upgrades Project
07/22/19 Range Targeting System Replacement
07/22/19 Building 3rd Floor SE Wing Remodel
07/19/19 RFP - Campus HVAC Maintenance Service
07/19/19 Library 1st Create Disability Services Space
07/18/19 Comprehensive Plan Update
07/17/19 On-Call Golf Course Restoration, Repair and Improvement Services
07/17/19 Web Design, Development and Hosting Services
07/16/19 Railroad Bridge Inspections
07/16/19 County Annex Facility
07/12/19 COP Underwriter Services
07/12/19 ERP Review Consulting Services
07/11/19 JLG Compact Crawlet Boom Lift, Model X430AJ
07/11/19 RFP - Outreach & Stakeholder Engagement Services
07/10/19 Maintenance Shop
07/10/19 Pole Barn
07/09/19 2019 CDBG Raised Crosswalk, Asphalt & Concrete
07/09/19 RFI - Joint Site Development For AST Site
07/08/19 Expert Analysis for Potential Colorado Paid Family and Medical Leave P
07/08/19 RFP - Police Department Uniform and Clothing Cleaning Services
07/08/19 District Push Bar Lock Conversions
07/02/19 CASE - CMCI 2018
06/25/19 Request for Quote - Fixed Gas Detectors
06/25/19 Request for Quote - HP Storm Pipe
06/21/19 Lined Magnet Assembly

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