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State: American Samoa

Due DateSolicitation Name
03/15/24 Aunu’u Small Boat Harbor Breakwater Repair, American Samoa
01/23/24 Biowaste for AM.Samoa CBOC (RFQ)
12/15/23 Supply & Delivery of Materials for the Pago Pago Water Distribution Sy
12/15/23 Supply & Delivery of Aunu'U Desalination System for the Water Salinity
12/15/23 Supply & Delivery of Reverse Osmosis Systems for the Water Salinity Re
12/13/23 American Samoa Biosecurity Framework Project
12/04/23 Biowaste for AM.Samoa CBOC
11/03/23 X1aa--Pago Pago, American Samoa Vet Center
09/11/23 NPAS Boat Engines
02/15/23 Z1DZ--561210 O&M Maintenance for Veterans Affairs Community-based outp
12/01/22 S207--Pest Control Services - Base Plus 4 One-year Options
10/28/22 Utilities - SOLE SOURCE
10/21/22 S207--459-23-1-632-0010 - Pest Control Services
10/17/22 Z1DZ--561210 O&M Maintenance for Veterans Affairs
09/23/22 S207--Pest Control Services
08/12/22 Road Repairs And Re-surfacing
08/12/22 Generator Building Refurbishment And Generator Replacement
07/27/22 Road Repairs And Re-surfacing
07/08/22 Request for Quotations - Supply & Delivery of Materials for Water Well
07/07/22 RFP - Rehabilitation of Water Tank
07/06/22 Request for Quotations - Supply & Delivery of Wooden Power Poles
02/04/22 Request for Quotes - T&D Warehouse Line Hardware Inventory
11/30/21 Request for Quotes - 3 New Midsize SUV and 1 New Truck
06/25/21 Supply and Installation of Odor Control System
05/21/21 Reverse Osmosis Containerized Systems

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