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State: American Samoa

Due DateSolicitation Name
02/04/22 Request for Quotes - T&D Warehouse Line Hardware Inventory
11/30/21 Request for Quotes - 3 New Midsize SUV and 1 New Truck
06/25/21 Supply and Installation of Odor Control System
05/21/21 Reverse Osmosis Containerized Systems
03/15/21 Pre-Engineered Warehouse Building (REBID)
03/12/21 Water Meters
03/03/21 E-Rate YR24 - Funding Year 2021 - Internet Access (ISP) Services
03/03/21 "E-Rate YR24-Funding Year 2021 Wide Area Network (Fiber Circuits)
12/18/20 Request for Quotes - Water Inventory Water Meters
12/18/20 School Phase 1 Classroom Addition
11/30/20 Asphalt Patch to New and Existing Road Cut
11/30/20 Electro-Mechanical Equipment, Valves & Fittings for Mesepa Well #6 Con
11/20/20 One Grapple Loader Equipment
10/23/20 Supply & Delivery of Cables, Overhead & Underground Inventory Material
10/02/20 Professional Services - Supply of Construction Workers
04/22/20 Construction of the Rehabilitation of the Water Tank Project
04/10/20 Janitorial Services for National Weather Service Office
03/17/20 Annual & Monthly Fire Alarm Inspection
03/02/20 Supply and Delivery of Water Inventory Construction Materials
02/24/20 Supply & Delivery of Two Garbage Front End Loader Trucks
01/16/20 Water Materials
09/17/19 American Samoa Telephone Authority (ASTCA)
05/31/19 Supply and Delivery of Water Meters & Components - Water Meter Iperl P
05/03/19 Professional Service for Informational Technology (IT) Services
02/28/19 Scrap Metal Yard Operations & Removal Services

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