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State: Oregon

Due DateSolicitation Name
03/09/18 RFP - Consultant Services To Prepare an Urban Renewal Plan and Town Ce
03/08/18 RFP - Design and Engineering Services for Wastewater Reclamation Plant
03/01/18 Lithia Springs Wetland Remediation and Mitigation Project
03/01/18 2018 Cathodic Protection Projects
03/01/18 Fire Alarm Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Services
02/27/18 Seismic Upgrades and Renovations/construction Work To the Primary Fire
02/20/18 Demolition and Hazmat Abatement of 3763-3769 Market Street Ne (5,064 S
02/19/18 Single Mode Fiber Install
02/16/18 RFP - Health Care, Property, & Liability Insurance Services
02/15/18 Eldorado Avenue Improvements
02/15/18 Smith Dam Debris Booms
02/13/18 Woodland Management Services
02/13/18 Madison High School Modernization CM/GC
02/13/18 Utility Locating Services
02/12/18 Lane County, on behalf of its Department of Health & Human Services (H
02/12/18 Acceleration of Scientific Impact (kcasi) Bid Package: #2 - Demolition
02/09/18 2018 Food & Beverage Concession Stand
02/08/18 OSP Passive Antenna System
02/08/18 Three Phase Submersible Transformers
02/08/18 Historic House Deconstruction Demo - Cobid Firms Only
02/08/18 Creek Water Pump Upgrade
02/07/18 Provide a Ridership and Effectiveness Analysis
02/02/18 ESB US101 MP 221 - MP 227 Tree Clearing
01/29/18 Bonn AFF Bridge Crane Parts
01/23/18 Price Agreement - Epson Print Cartridges

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