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State: Oregon

Due DateSolicitation Name
12/09/19 RFP - Leased Lit Fiber
11/26/19 On - Call Maintenance and Operations Services
11/15/19 RFP - Third Party Administrator and Investment Provider
11/15/19 Station Renovation
11/15/19 Secondary Market Ticket Sales
11/14/19 On-call HVAC Duct Cleaning and High Dusting Services
11/14/19 ITB - Asphalt Replacement
11/12/19 FSCP Expansion - Plumbing
11/12/19 Diesel Fuel Tank Replacement
11/12/19 Door and Storefront Installation and Repair
11/08/19 Kosher & Passover Meals, Assorted
11/06/19 Construction Manager/General Contractor
11/06/19 Building A Restroom Remodel
11/04/19 ITB - On-Call Region 2 Tree and Brush Cutting Services
11/01/19 Manufactured Home Purchase
11/01/19 Transmission Clearing and Access
11/01/19 Stevenson Union Facility Assessment
10/30/19 LRR Stormwater Repairs, PH-3
10/30/19 ITB - Curb Ramps
10/30/19 State and Federal Governmental Relations and Lobbying Services
10/28/19 Warm Springs Cinders 2019
10/25/19 Hauling Services for Compost, Recycling and Garbage
10/21/19 Hospital Data Collection and Reporting -*SOLE SOURCE*
10/21/19 AP for MircroCT X-ray Microscope
10/21/19 Consultant - Refining Oregon Non-Road Diesel Emission Inventory

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