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State: Oregon

Due DateSolicitation Name
03/03/23 Construction Manager/ General Contractor Services Airport Terminal Bui
03/01/23 Emergency Egress Building. 155
03/01/23 Galvanized Steel Poles
03/01/23 RFP - Access Control & Security
02/28/23 Gym Roof
02/28/23 School Track Renovation
02/23/23 Collection Agency Services
02/23/23 SCADA System Software Solution
02/23/23 Invasive Species Council Coordinator
02/22/23 Entry Level Drivers Training (ELDT)
02/22/23 RFP - Planning Consultant Services
02/21/23 New Communications Site Construction
02/17/23 Information Services Security Policies and Procedures Development
02/16/23 Janitorial Services
02/16/23 Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) Services for the Groun
02/16/23 S015(039) Structures & Paving
02/16/23 On-Call Real Estate Appraisal Services
02/15/23 Central Library Refresh GMP
02/15/23 CTEC Metal Roof Rehab and Retrofit
02/14/23 High School Auditorium Lighting System Upgrade
02/14/23 North & Sprague HS Auditorium Lighting System Upgrade
02/14/23 New Storage Building
02/13/23 Mobilgard 312 Engine Oil for NOAAS Okeanos Explorer
02/10/23 Water Quality Laboratory Analysis for NPDES Supplemental Data
02/02/23 Biomass Fuels Market Feasibility *Sole Source*

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