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State: Oregon

Due DateSolicitation Name
05/01/20 NOAA Landscaping Enhancement and Maintenance
04/30/20 Road 10 MP 6.2 to MP 8.2 Improvements Project
04/29/20 Ballasted Flocculation System
04/29/20 Park Phas 1A Fiber Distribution Network
04/29/20 Sawcutting
04/29/20 Ozone System
04/23/20 2020 Wastewater Collection System Rehabilitation
04/23/20 IFB - Roof Replacement & Fall Protection
04/23/20 IFB - Roof Replacement and Fall Protection
04/23/20 IFB - Roof Replacement & Fall Protection
04/22/20 District Attorney's Office Operations Review
04/22/20 Center Truck Wheel Bearing Kits for Siemens S70 Light Rail Vehicles
04/22/20 Inventoried Safety Rain Gear and Steel-Toed Rubber Boots (One Lot)
04/21/20 Scrap Metal Recycling
04/21/20 Traction Motor Overhaul Services Bombardier Light Rail Vehicles
04/21/20 Paving
04/21/20 Street Enhancement
04/15/20 Procurement Card Program Services
04/14/20 Facilities Service Gravel Pad
04/13/20 Ave. Repaving
04/10/20 Request for Quote - Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography System
04/10/20 Armored Car Services for Health Department
04/06/20 Wood Shop Equipment
04/06/20 Monitoring of Pollinator Abundance and Diversity On the Agency Vernal
04/03/20 Purchase of Furniture

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