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State: Oregon

Due DateSolicitation Name
11/30/20 Problem Gambling Consultation Services
11/02/20 2020 Road Construction
11/02/20 2020 Road Construction
10/22/20 Conduit Install
10/20/20 Fuel Island Roof Replacement
10/20/20 Statewide Framework for CTE Program of Study
10/16/20 Grant Application: American Indian/Alaska Native Educator Success
10/16/20 Grant Application: American Indian/Alaskan Native Student Success
10/15/20 Road Extension Alternatives & Goal Exception
10/15/20 P3 Legal Advisor
10/08/20 5985(021) Rails To Trails Project
10/08/20 S271(014) Valley Intersection
10/08/20 S144(030) Bridge Screening and Rail Retrofit On Various Highways
10/08/20 Armory Roof Replacement
10/08/20 Community Hall Slope Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC)
10/07/20 Port of Entry Paving Project
10/07/20 OHV Staging Area Expansion
10/04/20 Harbor Vessel Salvage and Disposal
10/01/20 Boiler Replacement North Mall Office Bldg
09/23/20 Scroll Case Personnel Hoist
09/23/20 Annual Rain Membership Renewal *Sole Source*
09/23/20 Sand Skimmer *Sole Source*
09/22/20 General Purpose Office Space
09/21/20 Security Cameras
09/20/20 Valves - *SOLE SOURCE*

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