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State: Florida

Due DateSolicitation Name
03/29/19 HVAC System Upgrade
03/27/19 RFP - Development of Vacant Lots On Lake
03/27/19 Network Connectivity
03/27/19 Janitorial Servcies Fire Rescue
03/26/19 Renovate Parking Lot and Increase Stacking
03/26/19 Water Treatment Plant Backup Well (Well No. 3) Construction
03/25/19 Road Resurfacing and ADA Improvements
03/25/19 Archaeological Services for Miscellaneous Projects
03/21/19 Asphalt Resurfacing and New Road Construction
03/20/19 Mowing Services and Ground Maintenance MSBUS
03/18/19 Cutting One Parcel of Timber
03/15/19 Lawn Care Services
03/15/19 Landscape and Irrigation Maintenance Services
03/13/19 Sale-Lease- Management of Camp Mcconnell Property
03/13/19 Canopy Replacement for U.S. Customs and Border Protection
03/08/19 Upper Level Curbside Kiosk Rehab
03/08/19 Wheel Dollies and Jack Stands
03/07/19 Agent Broker OCIP Services
03/06/19 E911 Headset Repair Services
03/06/19 Group Life and Related Insurance
03/05/19 Midtown Cultural & Educational Center Gymnasium Painting
03/05/19 Purchase Of Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)
03/04/19 Parking Access Revenue Control System (PARCS) Replacement
03/01/19 Advertising Agency Services
03/01/19 Advertising Agency Services

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