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State: Florida

Due DateSolicitation Name
04/29/21 ITB - Water Treatment Plant Refurbishment (Access Platforms, Pipe Supp
04/12/21 Rehabilitation of Affordable Housing
04/07/21 Street Force Main Replacement
04/06/21 Color Reduction Chemical
04/06/21 Police Harley Davidson Motorcycles
03/31/21 Elementary School Bidding
03/31/21 Vilano Boat Ramp & Channel Dredge
03/31/21 Force Main Replacement
03/30/21 2021 Ford Vehicles Purchase
03/26/21 Program Administrator, Minor Home Repair Program
03/25/21 RFP - Financial and Management Consulting Services
03/24/21 Debt Collection Services
03/24/21 Solid Waste, Yard Waste and Recycling Collection and Disposal Services
03/23/21 AC Equipment Upgrade
03/23/21 RFP - Exterior Painting
03/23/21 Restrooms Upgrades
03/23/21 Ductwork Replacement
03/19/21 Plumbing Supplies (Catalog Discount)
03/19/21 RFP - Permit To Protect
03/18/21 Electrical Supplies (Catalog Discount)
03/17/21 New and Upgrade To Existing F/A-18E/F and E/A18G Aircrew and Maintenan
03/15/21 Tintri Intelliflash Storage Expansion
03/09/21 Garage Elevator Repair
03/09/21 Replacing Telescoping Bleachers
03/09/21 Furnish & Install Ceiling Grid, Acoustical Tile & Insulation

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