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State: Florida

Due DateSolicitation Name
11/10/22 Building Demolition and Parking Lot Resurfacing
11/08/22 Code Compliance Building Demolition and Unsafe Structure Securing Serv
11/01/22 Detention Facility Upper Housing Pod HVAC Replacement
10/31/22 WRF East Master Lift Staton Upgrades
10/28/22 Airport Continuing Professional Engineering and Consultant Services
10/26/22 Wi-Fi Implementation Services
10/25/22 Force Main Replacement
10/25/22 Bridge Replacement-package D-1 Bridge Immokalee Rd
10/25/22 Underwriting Services
10/25/22 Student Learning Outcome Assessment Software
10/19/22 Document and Media Scanning Services
10/19/22 Mowing for the Fire Training Center, Fire Stations and Well Sites *RE-
10/17/22 Restaurant Lease
10/14/22 Campus Card Banking Partner Final
10/12/22 Plumbing Supplies
10/12/22 RFP - Housing Program Inspection Services
10/11/22 Car Wash
10/11/22 Bicycle Helmets
10/04/22 Pavers
10/04/22 Resurfacing, Rehabilitation, & Restoration
10/04/22 Materials & Testing CEI Support-Continuing Services Contract
10/04/22 Interchange
10/03/22 Vendor for HUD Community Development Block Grant Policies and Procedur
09/29/22 Horticultural Debris Hauling and Disposal
11/30/-1 Airport Management Consulting Services

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