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State: Alaska

Due DateSolicitation Name
07/15/21 Cost Benefit Analysis
07/12/21 ITB - Teen Center Roof Repair
07/07/21 School Park Reconstruction
07/07/21 ITB - Milk & Dairy Products
07/07/21 Alcantra Soccer Field 4 Renovation
07/07/21 EIE391 F-35 Combat Arm Training and Maintenance (CATM) Outdoor Small A
07/06/21 Repair Siding
07/02/21 Contract Administration and Inspection Services for the Capital Transi
07/02/21 Snow Removal Equipment Building
07/01/21 New Avalanche Hazard Index (AHI) Report
06/30/21 RFP - Areawide Dust Control Project
06/30/21 Fork Lift Simulator
06/30/21 Trailhead Earthquake Damage Repair
06/29/21 Recruitment and Retention Program Development
06/29/21 Targeted Recruitment and Materials
06/29/21 Limb Lengthening System with Portable Handheld Remote Control
06/25/21 Road Repairs
06/25/21 Nimble HPE Maint Support
06/24/21 2019-2021 Outside Electrical Line Construction
06/24/21 36,000 BTU Air Conditioning Unit
06/21/21 CSLFRF Applications Administrator
06/18/21 DBH Behavioral Health Care Coordination
06/16/21 Wood Chipper To Be Delivered
06/15/21 Contract Delivery Service (CDS) HCR 995A6
06/14/21 Repair Collision Damage On A 2018 Freightliner 114sd W/dump Bed, Inclu

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