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State: Alaska

Due DateSolicitation Name
12/22/23 Remedial Repairs At the Edgar Nollner Health Center
11/17/23 Fire Alarm System for Edgar Nollner Health Clinic (RFQ)
11/10/23 Food Products and Distribution
11/03/23 Applications for Anchorage Schools Foundation Grants
10/31/23 WWCC Fence Detection System
10/30/23 Legal Services
10/30/23 Financial Audit Services
10/24/23 168th Janitorial Service
10/23/23 Alaska Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program Statewide Data
10/23/23 25241013 - Fairbanks and North Pole Electric Vehicle Infrastructure De
10/23/23 Sources Sought for FIA Plots Alaska
10/20/23 Managed IT Services (RFP)
10/20/23 Demolition (RFP)
10/18/23 Tribal Government Services (RFP)
10/18/23 Traditional Healing (Request for Proposals)
10/17/23 Furnish Petroleum Valves
10/17/23 Central Peninsula Landfill Cell 3 Gas Piping Materials (ITB)
10/17/23 CPL Cell 3 Piping Materials
10/17/23 Employee Assistance Program (RFP)
10/16/23 Decking for Dock
10/13/23 2023-2024 Snow Removal Services for the Historic Boardwalk (RFP)
10/13/23 HLB Holtan Hills Feasibility Study (RFP)
10/10/23 Heater, Coolant, Engine
10/09/23 25241015 - Appraisal Services for Barrow Airport SREB
10/05/23 Purchase and Delivery of Remanufactured Allison Transmissions for the

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