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State: Alaska

Due DateSolicitation Name
03/08/18 2018 Crack Sealing, Street Striping and Infrafred Pothole Patching
03/06/18 Sitka National Cemetery, 2-Phase Design-Build for Grave Site Expansion
02/22/18 Roof Repair Bldg
02/20/18 Marine Center Security Fence Project
02/16/18 Can Liners
02/16/18 Seward Highway, MP 75-90 Road and Bridge Rehabilitation, Phase I
02/15/18 Food Service Expendables - 4th Quarter
02/13/18 RFP - Inspection of Installed Fire Suppression / Sprinkler & Alarm Sys
02/13/18 Furnish Traffic Controller Cabinets
02/12/18 Community Residential Center Service
02/09/18 Furnish Rubber Covered Muni Fire Hose
02/09/18 Prison Rape Elimination Act Facility Audit
02/09/18 Fraud Case Management System Replacement
02/08/18 RFQ - Knik Corners Corridor Ceiling Grid and Acoustical Tile Replaceme
02/08/18 Hazardous Waste Removal and Dispsoal for AMHS
02/08/18 Gruening MS Special ED Dept Reno & Site Repair
02/08/18 Furnish Pyro-Box Pedestrian Counter
02/08/18 Furnish Double Jacket Municipal Fire Hose
02/07/18 Directional Drilling Services for Sewer System Upgrade
02/05/18 Construction Materials Supply
02/05/18 Install Steel Pipe Piling
01/30/18 Borrow Material
01/25/18 Sand Point Airport Maintenance
01/25/18 Toad Software
01/24/18 SWIR Zoom Lens

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