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State: Alaska

Due DateSolicitation Name
10/01/19 Kenai Peninsula Youth Facility Meal Service
09/16/19 5th Avenue Upgrade Facade, Lighting, Signage/Greenery
09/13/19 Information Technology Support Services
09/12/19 Snow Removal Services
09/12/19 Cripple Creek Crossing
09/12/19 Program Management Services
09/10/19 Deep Creek SRA Embankment Armoring
09/10/19 Power Plant 2019 DEARA - Maintenance & Improvement Project
09/09/19 Technical Support with the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Mode
09/09/19 Family Contact Services Supervision
09/06/19 RFP - Property Tax Assessor
09/06/19 RFP - Fire Training
09/06/19 Sex Offender Management Program (SOMP) Services
09/04/19 Mailing Services for Municipal Electric Bills
09/04/19 Provide Portable Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Maintenance Services
09/04/19 IFB - A/C Equipment, Chillers, and Cooling Tower Replacement Project
08/30/19 Trunk Road Connector
08/30/19 Request for Proposal - Winter Trail Grooming
08/30/19 RFP - Concrete Slab
08/29/19 RFP - Intersections Appraisal Services
08/27/19 Provide Custodial Service
08/26/19 Request for Quotations - Library Roof Repair
08/23/19 RFP - Road Appraisal Services
08/23/19 Request for Quotation - AMHS Boca Systems Ticket Stock
08/19/19 Property Tags

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