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State: Alaska

Due DateSolicitation Name
06/30/20 RFP - Audit Services
05/12/20 Ftw410 Design, Renovate Building 1001
04/27/20 Optimized Remediation Contract
04/21/20 Term Contract for Purchase and Delivery of Water Treatment Chemicals
04/17/20 Janitorial Services
04/16/20 College (KPC) Ward Welding Lab Renovation
04/16/20 Tilework Supply and Installation Services Term-Contract
04/15/20 GPS Equipment & Accessories
04/15/20 Request For Qualification - Governance Board Application Verification
04/14/20 Electric Distribution Systems
04/10/20 Housing Facilities Mechanical Upgrades
04/10/20 Mobile Office Trailers
04/09/20 RFP - Roofing Services
04/08/20 Safe Home Initiative
04/08/20 Purchase And Deliver Fuel Tanks
04/03/20 Perform a Scallop Research Charter Out
04/03/20 CATM Range Repairs *SOLE SOURCE*
04/02/20 Avionics Cooling Unit Services
04/02/20 MSB Public Safety Building 6
04/01/20 Laundry Service
04/01/20 Repair By Replacement of Grease Trap
04/01/20 Portable Toilet
03/31/20 Supplies and Food Deliveries BPA
03/27/20 Construction Services To Inspect and Repair SCADA System To Restore Po
03/16/20 Laundry Chemical Dispenser/Chemicals and Supplies

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