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State: Alaska

Due DateSolicitation Name
10/24/18 VCT & SBH LED Lighting Upgrades
10/16/18 Murphy Dome, Ester Dome & Fairbanks Microwave Upgrades
10/10/18 Janitorial Services
10/10/18 Tok Airport Runway Extension
10/09/18 Furnish Police Uniforms On an As Required Basis
10/09/18 API Campus Security and Transport Services
10/09/18 Furnish Sulfur Hexafluoride Gas Cart
10/08/18 Kotzebue Airport Apron Pavement Rehabilitation
10/05/18 RFP - Design Service, Contract Administration, and Inspection for Mend
10/03/18 ITB - American Heart Association Training & Certification Services
10/02/18 Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA) SS-A
09/26/18 Provide recruiting officer rebranding advertising
09/21/18 Provide Bicycle Safety Training
09/21/18 Building Security System Maintenance and Service
09/21/18 Provide Custodial Services Paratransit Facility & Radio Shop
09/21/18 JBER Dock Door Requirement
09/21/18 Laundry Machinery
09/20/18 PA Speaker System
09/20/18 Water Quality Data Multiparameter Sondes, Sensors and Peripheral Equip
09/20/18 Office Furniture (18Q00231)
09/19/18 Gym Equipment
09/19/18 Provide Year Round Road Maintenance for the Mountain Park Estates LRSA
09/19/18 Anchorage Museum CAT Generator FM Approved Earthquake Seismic Fuel Shu
09/14/18 Manager Advantage Subscription - *Awarded*
08/30/18 Alaska Fire Service Fuel Facility - *Awarded*

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