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State: Michigan

Due DateSolicitation Name
06/12/18 Armored Periscope (Gunners Auxiliary Sight)
06/11/18 Circuit Card Assembly
06/08/18 Turret, Networks Box
05/30/18 Recoil Mechanism (gun, Automatic, 25mm, M242)
05/30/18 Wire Harness (Gun, Automatic, 25mm, M242)
05/30/18 Installation Kit (XM23 Mortal Ballistic Computer)
05/22/18 HM - Chase Red Pine Timber Marking
05/21/18 School Food Service Vended Meals
05/18/18 Replacement Hangar Door
05/17/18 RFP - MEDC Redevelopoment Ready Communities Planning & Technical Assis
05/16/18 Wheelchair Van and Common Carrier Transportation Services Ann Arbor VA
05/14/18 RFB - HVAC Replacement for Robert Bowen Senior Center
05/09/18 RFP - Convert Existing Florescent Lighting To Led Lighting
05/07/18 M1152/M1165 HMMWV Recapitalization *Sole Source*
05/04/18 New Tube Abrasive Blasting Machine
05/04/18 1500 Ton Straightening Press
05/03/18 RFP - Distribution Pole Replacement Project
05/03/18 Fifth Avenue Microsurface and Crack Sealing
05/03/18 FY 2018 Streets Mill and Fill
05/03/18 Aleternate ECP- BLDG 1427
05/02/18 Removal of Asbestos Materials At Richardson Elementary School and Osco
04/30/18 1. Purchase of Chillers for Garber High School 2. Installation of Owne
04/30/18 Fence Supplies and Repairs
04/25/18 RFP - Swimming & Diving Record Board
04/23/18 Nursing Home Services John D. Dingell VA Medical Center

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