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State: Minnesota

Due DateSolicitation Name
07/14/22 Lease of the Event Center
06/20/22 Municipal Advisor Services
06/16/22 Showers and Tub Surrounds
06/16/22 2021 Drainage Improvement Project
06/15/22 Chartwells Transition Projects
06/14/22 Window Repairs and Screen Frames
06/13/22 Third Floor Lab Renovation
06/13/22 Thermogravimetric Analysis System
06/13/22 Printing, Binding and Mailing of CEHD Connect Magazine
06/10/22 School Food Service Management Services
06/10/22 Summer 2022 Spot Graveling
06/10/22 Nursing Nclex Licensure Preparing for Test
06/09/22 South District Trunk Storm Sewer
06/09/22 Maintenance and Testing of Propane Fuel System
06/08/22 Asbestos and Regulated Waste Removal Oversight
06/06/22 Street and Storm Sewer Improvements
06/02/22 Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI) System & Water Meter Replacement
06/02/22 Batteries for On-Street Parking Pay Stations
06/01/22 Pest Control Services
06/01/22 Bridge Reconstruction
05/31/22 New Argo Conquest Pro 950 Xt-l or Approved Equal
05/31/22 Cable TV
05/27/22 Boulders
05/27/22 Limestone, Stockpile Delivery To 2 Loc
05/26/22 Bus Stop Signposts

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