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State: Pennsylvania

Due DateSolicitation Name
09/22/21 Elevator Replacement
09/07/21 Restoring the Study in the Historic Scheide House
09/02/21 Bank Repair Project
08/26/21 Major HVAC Renovation - – Mechanical Contract
08/26/21 Major HVAC Renovation – Electrical Contract
08/26/21 Major HVAC Renovation – Plumbing Contract
08/20/21 Moon Dog Park Fencing
08/18/21 Frozen Vegetables
08/18/21 Municipal Complex Pedestrian Improvements
08/18/21 Pork Products
08/17/21 Storm Sewer Contract
08/17/21 Bottled Water
08/16/21 Blakely Borough 9th Street Wall Construction Project
08/16/21 Paving Program for Norwood Road
08/16/21 Paving Program for Webb Road
08/13/21 Scranton High School Chiller Replacement Project
08/13/21 Demolition Project
08/11/21 Rooftop Unit Replacement
08/10/21 Paving Contract
08/10/21 Sewer Camera
08/10/21 Animal Shelter Services
08/09/21 Remove a Gravel Bar
08/09/21 Site Improvements
08/05/21 SWVC Non Perishable Food
08/03/21 Hazardous Waste Identification Tags

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