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State: Utah

Due DateSolicitation Name
01/14/19 Skin, Aircraft
01/02/19 Capacitor, Fixed, Paper Dielectric *SOLE SOURCE*
12/14/18 RFP - Sponsorship/Naming Rights of St. George Bike Park
11/30/18 Statement of Qualifications & RFP- Cemetery Maintenance
11/27/18 Pitot-static Tube
11/27/18 Pizza Processing of Commodity Cheese Products And/or Commercial Equiva
11/27/18 Boat Ramp at Dinosaur National Monument
11/27/18 Rubber Tile Flooring
11/26/18 Cylinder, Tank, Hydraulic
11/26/18 Box Assembly, Fuel
11/26/18 Segment Set Drast
11/26/18 Rib, Airfoil
11/26/18 Baffle, Flow Control
11/23/18 Shaft Assembly
11/23/18 Panel Assembly
11/23/18 Modification Kit, Aircraft
11/23/18 Crank Assembly, Yaw
11/23/18 Sleeve Assembly, Generator Valve
11/23/18 Valve, Linear, Direct
11/21/18 Sensor, Tachometer
11/20/18 Bearing, Ball, Annular
11/20/18 Bearing, Roller, Cylinder
11/20/18 Seal, Dry Pressure
11/20/18 Module Assembly Frequency
11/19/18 Table, Folding Legs

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