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State: Utah

Due DateSolicitation Name
10/13/22 The Rehab Construction of a Single-family Residence
10/13/22 Software To Be Used As Part of the Human Resource Processes
10/12/22 Energy Services Building Upgrade
10/12/22 Medical Stop Loss Partner
10/07/22 IFB - Upper Conduit Repair - Phase 2 - Construction
10/06/22 Relay, Electromagnet
10/06/22 Light Assembly, Indicator
10/06/22 Switch, Sensitive
10/06/22 Semiconductor Devic
10/06/22 Motor Brake Ring
10/04/22 Concrete Pads
10/04/22 Timelymd for Virtual Therapy *SOLE SOURCE*
10/04/22 List of Names from Utah High Schools *Sole Source*
10/03/22 Control Segment, Nac
10/03/22 Bearing, Roller, Rod End
09/30/22 Fencing Replacement
09/30/22 Childcare Sanitizing Cabinets *Sole Source*
09/30/22 Web-based Title I Resource Subscription - *SOLE SOURCE*
09/30/22 Snowpixel System- 162809151*Sole Source*
09/30/22 Virtual Advisor *Sole Source*
09/29/22 Traveling Exhibition Collaboration *Sole Source*
09/28/22 Uniforms
09/28/22 Measure of Athletes Movement and Exertion *Sole Source*
09/28/22 Flags
09/28/22 5 Year_ Renewal of Football Video Scouting Software Subscription *Sole

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