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State: Utah

Due DateSolicitation Name
01/26/28 Fd2020-23-00379 - Circuit Card
03/24/23 Base Operations Support Services
02/28/23 Request for Information for Capability To Sustain the ANTPS 75
02/24/23 Supply Compact Loader
02/24/23 2023 Sidewalk Spot Repairs City Wide Project
02/22/23 Beus Connector Shared Use Path
02/17/23 Boulevard Building Remodel
02/16/23 RFP - Maintenance and Repair of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS
02/16/23 Sewer Improvements Project
02/16/23 Roadway
02/16/23 Sewer Improvements Project
02/15/23 School Lunch Application, Eligibility and Point of Sale Program
02/14/23 New Classroom Addition
02/13/23 High School Air Handler Refurbishment Project
02/10/23 Cock, Poppet Drain
02/08/23 Storm Water Prevention - Phase Two, High School
02/08/23 RFP - Level Economic Competitiveness
02/08/23 JHS Air Conditioning, BP-01
02/07/23 RFP - Amphitheater Security
02/07/23 Skate Park Project
02/06/23 6515--Barrier-FreeT Exam Table w/Scale
02/06/23 Filter Spool Assy
02/06/23 Course Counter Assembly
02/02/23 Deimplentation Professional Learning *Sole Source*
01/31/23 Jordan High Door Lock & Hardware

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