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State: Utah

Due DateSolicitation Name
07/09/24 Kiowa Way Storm Drain
07/02/24 DFCM Construction Pre-Qualified Roofing - UNG American Fork Armory Roo
06/27/24 Unit K Metering Project - South Plain City
06/25/24 Lobbying Services (Statement of Qualifications)
06/25/24 Towing Services (RFP)
06/24/24 Amplifier, Electronic
06/24/24 Coupling Half, Quick
06/24/24 Housing Part, Mechanic
06/24/24 Piston, Hydraulic Mo
06/24/24 Plate, Clamp, Muzzle
06/24/24 Cable Assembly, Cont
06/24/24 Stator, Motor
06/24/24 Gearshaft, Spur
06/21/24 Conduit, Nonmetallic
06/21/24 Bearing, Ball, Annular
06/21/24 Pin, Firing, Launcher
06/21/24 Indicator, Symbol In
06/21/24 Anadarko Phase II Survey (ITB)
06/20/24 Huddl *SOLE SOURCE*
06/20/24 State Mail Inserter Maintenance *SOLE SOURCE*
06/20/24 APG Neuros Maintenance Plan *SOLE SOURCE*
06/20/24 Bleeding Control Kits (ITB)
06/19/24 Stova Event Management Software *Sole Source*
06/19/24 Vantage Nxt *Sole Source*
06/17/24 Light, Navigational

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