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State: Utah

Due DateSolicitation Name
11/23/25 Valve, Assembly
11/23/25 Circuit Card
02/19/21 State of Good Repair TPSS Rehab
12/24/20 F-16 Air Data Computer
12/22/20 Fire Hazmat Abatement, Selective Demolition & Shoring
12/22/20 Up-Fit a Military 6x6 Cab and Chassis to a Type 4 Wildland Fire Engine
12/18/20 Fiber Optic Cable
12/15/20 RFP - Investment Legal Services
12/10/20 Bolt, Explosive
12/10/20 Pre-Qualified Mechanical-Ogden 2nd District Courts Cooling Tower
12/08/20 Construction of Office Building Project
12/08/20 Financial Aid Program Consulting and Business Processes Functional Sup
12/08/20 Operate the Snack Bar/Restaurant
12/07/20 Insurance Broker Services
12/07/20 Adapter, Straight, Fl
12/04/20 Gearshaft, Spur
12/04/20 Toilet Cleaning and Pumping Services
12/04/20 Cottonwood Lop and Scatter
12/03/20 Construction of the Wash Wells #3 - #6
12/02/20 Sole Source Exhibit Design and Build
12/02/20 Sale of 2017 Wabash RFALHSA 1JJV532B3HL961037
12/02/20 Beam, Aircraft
12/01/20 Phonak Audiology Equipment
12/01/20 Drill Pipe Rental
12/01/20 LRS Coveralls and Laundering service

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