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State: Puerto Rico

Due DateSolicitation Name
01/03/20 Lease of Office Space
01/03/20 AFD: Towing, Storage, Maintenance and Disposal of Seized and/or Forfei
01/03/20 Lease of Office Space *SOLE SOURCE*
12/20/19 Irrigation System Modifications
12/19/19 Armed Security Guard Services and Patrolled Seervices
12/13/19 2nd Qtr Fy-2020 - Bread
12/13/19 Preventive and Corrective Maintenance to 13 MEDRAD Bayer Injector Syst
12/13/19 2nd Qtr Fy-2020 Milk
12/13/19 2nd Qtr Fy-2020 - Subsistence
12/09/19 Teach to Lead Summit
12/09/19 Teach to Lead Summit
12/03/19 Medical Gas & Vacuum Systems Certification
12/02/19 PM and Corrective Maintenance GreenLight Laser System
11/22/19 Roof Inspection, Repairs And Maintenance
11/22/19 Bicon, Freight, Gener
11/22/19 Container, Freight, G
11/22/19 FY20: VACHS Cable Drops Installation
11/22/19 Tricon, Freight, Spec
11/22/19 Quadcon, Freight Spe
11/22/19 Quadcon, Freight Spe
11/22/19 Tricon, Freight, Spec
11/21/19 Equipment: Ultrasound Systems
11/21/19 Equipment: Ultrasound Systems
11/20/19 Silicone Wristbands / Puerto Rico National Guard *REBID
11/19/19 Composition Notebook / Puerto Rico National Guard *REBID

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