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State: Puerto Rico

Due DateSolicitation Name
02/18/22 Hurricane Recovery Project Phase 2
02/17/22 Preventive Maintenance Services for Chlorination Skids
02/09/22 Pre-packaged Meals
02/07/22 Groceries
02/04/22 J046--Reverse Osmosis System Upgrade Mayaguez Out Patient Clinic
02/04/22 Military Construction Services
02/03/22 New Disn Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service
01/31/22 Federal Office Building (FOB) and U.S. Courthouse (USCH) Chiller Riser
01/24/22 Architect-Engineering (A/E) Services for a New Courthouse
01/24/22 Architect-Engineering Services for New Courthouse Annex
01/24/22 PRARNG YRRP 65th INF BN Post Deployment Event
01/21/22 Q502--On-site Open Heart-Cardiothoracic Services
01/21/22 Office Space
01/20/22 Container, Battery Storage
01/20/22 Prevention & Control of Termites
01/19/22 Pre-Packaged Meals 125th MP BN (PRARNG)
01/18/22 Maintenance Worker
01/12/22 J030--FY22: Elevators Preventive Maintenance and Repairs
01/10/22 AN11--FY22: Data Analysis Research Protocol
01/07/22 USS Billings Provisions
01/03/22 Cardiac Rehabilitation Telemetry System
01/03/22 Provide Law Enforcement Assistance
12/24/21 Winter Nursery *Sole source*
12/20/21 Sources Sought - Winter Nursery
12/15/21 Ice Machines

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