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State: Puerto Rico

Due DateSolicitation Name
08/03/21 Repair Two Landslides
07/09/21 Provide, Install, And Maintain A Commercial Business Line (cbl) Servic
07/09/21 Utility Monitoring Service
07/08/21 Repairing Multiple Storm Damaged Sites.
07/08/21 Seeks To Lease the Following Space
07/06/21 Munitions Response Actions
07/01/21 Seeking Approx 20,403 USF of Office Space
06/26/21 64kb, Commercial Business Lines (cbl) Service
06/25/21 MEPS Boxed Meals
06/25/21 Mayaquez Underground Electrical Distribution
06/25/21 Cardiovascular Ambulance Contract
06/25/21 Fleet Logistics Center, FLCJ Provisions Requirement
06/25/21 Isabela Underground Electrical Distribution
06/23/21 Welding Sand Blast and Inspect
06/23/21 Seeks To Lease Office Space
06/17/21 Mobile Lab Benches
06/15/21 New Bathrooms Construction Bldg. 608
06/14/21 Janitorial Services
06/14/21 Janitorial Services
06/14/21 Janitorial Services
06/11/21 Sewer Main Siphon (2c2) & Upper Margarita Channel (2c3)
06/08/21 Boat and Pipe Transfer
06/08/21 Renovate/repair Sanitary Lift Station for Building
06/07/21 Flcj Provisions Requirement
06/02/21 Renovations to Wash Rack/Sunshade

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