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State: Puerto Rico

Due DateSolicitation Name
07/29/19 Auto Scale Laber Wrapper System (1M28) Scale Labeler (1M30) and Stand
07/12/19 Replace Freight Elevator/Conveyor
07/11/19 Provide, Install, and Maintain a 10MB
07/11/19 Provide, Install, and Maintain a New 10MB
07/11/19 Provide, Install, and Maintain a 10MB
07/09/19 Painting Services
07/08/19 Fencing Repair
07/03/19 Construction, Repair and Remodeling
06/28/19 Install New Decorative Fencing
06/26/19 Audio Visual Equipment
06/24/19 Handheld Radios
06/21/19 Trails Reconstruction
06/20/19 Fencing Project
06/19/19 Dairy Products
06/19/19 Subsistence
06/19/19 Bread Products
06/18/19 Transformer and Switching Units Testing
06/13/19 Main Diesel Engines Exhaust System Repair Services
06/11/19 HVAC Duct Cleaning
06/08/19 Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning
05/31/19 Cooling Towers Maintenance & Repairs
05/31/19 Renew Emergency Shaft Seal Services *Awarded*
05/30/19 Compact Utility Vehicle
05/30/19 Family Program Events Meeting Package
05/02/19 Revitalization of Building

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