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State: Puerto Rico

Due DateSolicitation Name
03/09/20 Advanced Contract Initiative (ACI) Emergency Temporary Roofing Repairs
02/28/20 Advance Contract Initiative (ACI) for Emergency Temporary Roof Repairs
02/24/20 Fire Prevention and Protection System Maintenance & Repairs
02/20/20 1GB Ethernet Lease
02/18/20 Repair and Installation of Fences
02/10/20 Park Service-Replace Fence
02/01/20 Vocational Trades Expansion Phase II
01/28/20 Irrigation System Modifications
01/24/20 Trash Removal Services
01/24/20 Respirator Fit & Testing Training Services
01/24/20 Trash Removal Services
01/24/20 Service: Fy20 Pharmacy Annual Wall To Wall Inventory
01/24/20 Physical Security
01/23/20 Service: Pick-up, Transport and Deliver of Blood Products
01/23/20 Cemetery HVAC Deep Cleaning & Inspections of A/C Units & Compressors
01/16/20 FY20: VACHS Cable Drops Installation Services
01/14/20 Yard Dog Lease
01/08/20 Portable Restroom Within an Enclosed Trailer
01/03/20 VACHS Boiler 3 Annual Maintenance
01/03/20 AFD: Towing, Storage, Maintenance and Disposal of Seized and/or Forfei
12/30/19 Shipping And Storage
12/18/19 Portable Fuel Tank
12/17/19 Preventive Maintenance for Emergency Generators
12/13/19 Preventive and Corrective Maintenance to 13 MEDRAD Bayer Injector Syst
12/09/19 Teach to Lead Summit

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