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State: Virgin Islands

Due DateSolicitation Name
02/28/23 Head Start Fy 23 Renovations and Upgrades
02/21/23 Repairs To the Board of Education Admin Building and Courtyard
02/17/23 RFP - Integrated Merchant Services System
02/17/23 Demolition and Rebuild of the Bay Head Start
02/10/23 Marketing and Event Production Services
02/07/23 IFB - Omar Brown Hurricane Repair
01/30/23 Kitchen Modernization and Equipment Installation
01/27/23 Generator Maintenance
01/27/23 Provide Territorial Nurses and Social Workers
01/24/23 ITB - Anna's Hope/Concordia Demolition/Rebuild
01/23/23 Lighting and Miscellaneous Repairs
01/23/23 Waterfront Lighting and Miscellaneous Repairs
01/20/23 Alarm Monitoring Services
01/19/23 Partial/Complete Demolition and ReBuild of Head Start Centers
01/19/23 Implementation of the Street Addressing Initiative
01/19/23 Licensed Archeological Consultant to Monitor the Site Demolition
01/16/23 Generator and Enclosure Project
01/13/23 Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessments (RESEA) Program
01/11/23 Hollow Core Planks
01/11/23 Library Repairs
01/10/23 Public Relations and Marketing Communications
01/10/23 Remove, Purchase, and Install Two (2) 20 Ton Air Condition Systems
01/09/23 Recreational Pier Repairs
01/06/23 SABAAS Compliance
12/21/22 WorkPro Quantum 9000 Series Professional Chairs USVI

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