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State: Virgin Islands

Due DateSolicitation Name
10/25/22 RFP - Veterinarian Services
09/30/22 Meal Services to the Nutrition Program for the Elderly - Meals on Whee
09/28/22 Best Life Promoter/Coordinator
09/28/22 Promoter/Coordinator
09/28/22 Public Safety In-Vehicle Mobile Data Routing Solution
09/26/22 Seeks To Lease the Following Space
09/22/22 Janitorial Services
09/21/22 Sandy Point - Habitat Enhancement Sp *SOLE SOURCE*
09/20/22 Purchase and Delivery of Liquified Petroleum
09/20/22 Purchase and Delivery of Bread and Bakery
09/20/22 Design-Build Architectural and Construction Services
09/20/22 Purchase and Delivery of Milk
09/19/22 Census Data Integrity Management
09/19/22 Groceries and Meats
09/19/22 Purchase and Delivery of Groceries and Meats
09/15/22 Household and Cleaning Supplies
09/12/22 Medicinal Cannabis Patient Registry
09/12/22 Territorial Burial and Cremation Services
09/12/22 Hurricane Repair Project
09/09/22 MSAR Repairs
09/09/22 Landscaping Services
09/09/22 Repairs to Reservoir and Reservoir Road
09/08/22 Warehouse Door Replacement
09/06/22 Psychological Wellness Services
08/31/22 Liquefied Petroleum

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