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State: Virgin Islands

Due DateSolicitation Name
04/02/21 Community Based Outpatient Clinic Services
03/25/21 Repair/Replace Woodwork And Replace Picket Fence
03/24/21 Repairs To Various Recreational Parks
03/24/21 Request for Quotes - Lawn Maintenance Services
03/23/21 RFP - Design and Installation of an Air Conditioner Unit at the Elemen
03/22/21 IFB - Resurfacing & Restriping of Various Recreational Courts
03/19/21 Repair/Replace Woodwork and Replace Picket Fence
03/15/21 RFP - Entitlement Programs Eligibility Services- CARIBS
03/11/21 IFB - Ball Park Hurricane Repair Project on the island of St. Croix
03/11/21 IFB - Regional Library Parking Area Repairs (Parking Lot Lighting)
03/10/21 IFB - Interior Design and Mechanical Design on Modular Units
03/08/21 IFB - Court Resurfacing and Restriping
03/04/21 Development Services
03/04/21 IFB - Composite Parks Hurricane Repair Project
03/04/21 IFB - Repairs to the Environmental Enforcement Building
03/01/21 Provide Project Management and Health Information Exchange (HIE) Techn
03/01/21 Professional Liability Actuarial Analysis Study
02/26/21 Readjustment Counseling Vet Center
02/22/21 Provide E-Rate Internal Connection Services
02/22/21 Roof, Wall & Ceiling Repairs
02/19/21 Burial/Cremation Services
02/19/21 General Freight Trucking, Local
02/18/21 Community Based Outpatient Clinic Services
02/16/21 Trash/Solid Waste Removal Services
02/09/21 Community Safe Room/Building Retrofit

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