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State: Virgin Islands

Due DateSolicitation Name
06/10/21 RFP - Real Property Tax Billing and Collection System
06/08/21 RFP - Delivery of Youth Program Services
05/31/21 Lease and Development of Parcel No. 100-1
05/28/21 Performance Management Assessment Services
05/27/21 Ballpark Hurricane Repairs
05/26/21 Medicaid Physician Consultant
05/26/21 Repair of Parks
05/26/21 RFP - Professional Liability Actuarial Analysis
05/25/21 Resurfacing and Restriping of Various Recreational Courts
05/24/21 RFP - Food Services
05/24/21 Construction Repairs To Resort and Pool
05/21/21 Cistern Cleaning
05/21/21 Repairs to Cruz Bay Visitor Center, Docks, and Surrounding Grounds
05/20/21 Emergency Nationwide Level 3 Covid Cleanings
05/19/21 Repair & Replacement of AC Units
05/18/21 RFP - Conduct Biennial Physical Inventory Count of Federal Assets
05/18/21 RFP - Qualified Firms To Improve Government Processes
05/18/21 Resurfacing & Restriping of Various Recreational Courts
05/14/21 Interior Design, Mechanical/Electrical Work and Painting of a Modular
05/12/21 Guttering, Downspout Replacement, and General Repairs
05/11/21 MAP CMS Federal Financial Reporting Services
05/11/21 Request for Qualifications - Provide Emergency Road Repairs
05/11/21 Janitorial Services
05/11/21 Repair and Renovation of Pavilion and Bath House
05/05/21 IFB - Hurricane Repairs

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