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State: Missouri

Due DateSolicitation Name
08/07/19 Black Community Fund Grants
07/18/19 Schulte FX-1200 Mower
07/16/19 Fold and Stuff Envelope Machine
07/16/19 2019 Audit Services
07/16/19 Care Center 2019 Addition
07/12/19 Exterior Improvements
07/12/19 Wave Pool Addition at Summit Waves
07/10/19 Owensville License Office
07/10/19 Waynesville License Office
07/10/19 Wireless Network Update
07/10/19 Sedalia License Office
07/10/19 Piedmont License Office
07/10/19 Harrisonville License Office
07/09/19 Bus Stop Signage Replacement
07/09/19 Paperless Board Meeting Solution
06/28/19 Roof Replacement
06/27/19 Replacing the Existing Grease Trap
06/27/19 Project Management Services for Graphic Department
06/26/19 Radon Test Kits: Short and Long Term
06/24/19 Bus- Gillig, Mohawk, Munci, RG Ray, Cummins, Gates
06/23/19 Temporary Dewatering Pump Assembly - *Sole Source*
06/23/19 Temporary Bypass Pumping Assembly - *Sole Source*
06/22/19 Controller - *Sole Source*
06/22/19 First Source Hiring Program - *Sole Source*
06/20/19 Various Electrical Items

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