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State: Ontario

Due DateSolicitation Name
03/14/23 Colony Management System
02/28/23 One (1) Midsize 4WD Four Door Crew Cab, Short Box Pick Up Truck
02/28/23 Two (2) 1/2 Ton Standard Cab, 2 Wheel Drive Pick Up Trucks
02/28/23 Two (2) 1/2 Ton Standard Cab, 4 Wheel Drive Pick Up Trucks
02/28/23 One (1) Articulated 4 Wheel Drive, Three Cubic Yard Loader
02/28/23 One (1) 3/4 Ton 4WD Standard Cab Pick Up Truck
02/28/23 One (1) 1/2 Ton Extended Cab, Two Wheel Drive Pick Up Truck
02/28/23 One (1) Street Sweeper
02/28/23 Two (2) Electric Compact Sport Utility/Crossover Vehicles
02/27/23 Roof Replacement
02/24/23 Painting
02/23/23 Annual Fire Inspection Services
02/21/23 ACL Robotics Professional Platform Solution Renewal
02/17/23 Consulting Services for HCD Study and Plan
02/17/23 Mobile Device Peripheral Equipment and Services
02/16/23 Janitorial Services
02/16/23 Legal Services
02/15/23 Routing and Sealing of Roadway Asphalt Cracks
02/14/23 Digital Recruitment Campaign
02/14/23 Compensation Consultant
02/13/23 Provision of NEVCO Scoreboard
02/13/23 Prequalification of Suppliers of Record for Apparel and Promotional It
02/10/23 Wall Padding for Gymnasiums & Sensory Rooms
02/07/23 Subdrain Installation
02/03/23 Supply, Installation, and Removal of Three 65LB Washer-Extractors and

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