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State: Ontario

Due DateSolicitation Name
09/18/19 Supply of Various Hand and Cutting Tools
09/17/19 Supply of Fuel Credit Cards/ Secure Devices
09/16/19 Supply of Rockwell and Meritor Parts
09/13/19 RFP - Consultant Services
09/12/19 RFB - Supply of Otaco Parts
09/12/19 Supply and Place Hot Mix Asphalt Including Asphalt Removal and Fine Gr
09/11/19 Streetcar Overhead Surface Infrastructure and Cable Installation
09/10/19 Supply of UPS Systems
09/09/19 RFB - Installation and Testing of Electrical Power Equipment
09/06/19 RFB - Repair, Certification and Testing of Hydraulic Vehicles
09/06/19 RFB - Speed Sensor Control Equipment for Subway Work Cars
09/06/19 ITT - Sanitary and Storm Pump Replacement
09/06/19 Supply of Panasonic Toughbooks and Related Accessories
09/05/19 RFI - Cafeteria Foods & Products
09/05/19 Corporate Cellular and Data Services
09/04/19 Fiber Backbone Connection
09/03/19 Armatec Survivability Corp. / Cage L0782
08/30/19 Bus Garage Emergency Backup Power System
08/30/19 Removal and Disposal of Liquid Waste
08/30/19 RFB - Supply of Magnetic Track Brakes
08/29/19 Automatic Train Control Fire Suppression - Phase 5
08/29/19 RFB - Supply and Installation of Vertical Lift
08/23/19 Supply & Installation of F5 BIG-IP-i5800 Local Traffic Manager
08/22/19 RFT - Rehabilitation of County Road 4
08/21/19 RFP - Bulk Supply of Gasoline, Diesel Fuel/coloured Diesel

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