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State: Ontario

Due DateSolicitation Name
11/26/21 RFP - Archaeological Management Plan
11/24/21 Building Condition Assessments, Equipment Cataloging and Asset Registr
11/24/21 Request for Quotation - Rental Rates for Hired Equipment and Crews
11/19/21 Prevention and Diversion Programs
11/19/21 Day Services Program
11/19/21 Emergency Shelter Services for Families, Women and Adults
11/18/21 RFP - Multi-disciplinary Services
11/17/21 RFT - Display Sign
11/17/21 Learning Materials
11/16/21 RFP - Supply of a Primary Digester Mixing System At the WWTP
11/16/21 RFT - Tire Supply, Installation, and Repairs
11/15/21 Internet/Telephone Voting System
11/15/21 RFP - GIS and Data Strategy Consulting Services
11/12/21 Request for Prequalifications - Asbestos Abatement Contractors
11/12/21 Elevated Storage Tank Rehabilitation and Improvements
11/10/21 Restoration of Pavement Cuts in Asphalt and Concrete Pavements
11/10/21 Road Ditch Cleanout and Entrance Culverts
11/09/21 Supply and Installation of Roadside Safety Devices
11/08/21 Request for Quotes - Production and Installation of Building Window De
11/08/21 Compensation Survey for Maintenance Trades
11/05/21 Supply of Fixtures & Valves (Touchless Plumbing)
11/05/21 2021 Annual Patching Program Region Wide Various Locations
11/04/21 RFP - Supply, Delivery, Installation and Maintenance Services of Food
10/29/21 Electrical Contractors
11/02/02 RFP - Vending Machine Services

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