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State: Texas

Due DateSolicitation Name
02/13/18 Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems
02/08/18 Small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) Program
02/08/18 RFP - Consultant for a Full-Scale Exercise of a Terrorism-Related Scen
02/06/18 Trash Can Liners for Use District-Wide
02/05/18 Minor Rehab
01/30/18 RFP - Air Service Development Consulting Services
01/26/18 Ski Rope Slip Leash
01/26/18 Samsung 55" Class and Flat Screen TV Cart
01/26/18 Equipment (Microphone and Accessories)
01/25/18 Lab Instrumentation Item
01/25/18 Knox Exterior Padlocks
01/25/18 Lab / Field Testing Supplies
01/25/18 Embroidered Shirts
01/25/18 Spindle Valve Manifold
01/25/18 Grocery Commodities
01/25/18 Grocery Supplies
01/25/18 Breastfeeding Supplies
01/25/18 Grocery Items
01/25/18 Pet Carriers
01/24/18 Refuse Parts OEM Parts Only
01/24/18 Purchase of Testing Item
01/24/18 Safety Jackets
01/24/18 Sole Source - Purchase FocusS 350 Laser Scanner 3D
01/24/18 Refuse Parts OEM Only
01/23/18 PSJA Memorial ECHS LED Baseball and Softball

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