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State: Texas

Due DateSolicitation Name
08/07/20 Rock Art Management Plan Support Fort Hunter Ligget
08/07/20 Fabricate and Deliver Bus Stop Shelters and Benches
08/05/20 HVAC Wayside Units
07/30/20 Drainage Improvements
07/29/20 Overhead Door Maintenance
07/29/20 K-12 Instructional Software and Learning Management Tools
07/28/20 Uniform Rental and Laundry Services
07/23/20 Uniform Rental Services
07/22/20 Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System
07/21/20 Akkadian Provisioning Manager Software and Implementation
07/20/20 KinkiSharyo Light Rail Item
07/16/20 Sidewalk Program
07/16/20 Bombardier Items for Rail
07/15/20 Temp Nursing and Screening
07/15/20 IFE Rail Item
07/15/20 Day Cab Truck Tractor
07/15/20 Misc. Bus Parts
07/14/20 Misc Stock
07/14/20 Industrial Items for Rail
07/14/20 Luminator Rail Item
07/14/20 Decal, Safe Place
07/10/20 Oil, Motor 15w40, Low Ash
07/10/20 Misc. Bus Parts
07/10/20 Printer/Scanner-omni, S/A
07/10/20 BPO for Secondary Train Control Equipment

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