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State: Guam

Due DateSolicitation Name
06/28/24 36 MUNS Highline Docks (GUAM)
06/27/24 36 MXS Equipment Wash Rack Replacement (Guam)
06/27/24 Vehicle Maintenance Repair Parts for Caterpillar 10k All-terrain Forkl
06/26/24 Waste Collection
06/26/24 36 CRS - Specialized Fueling Operation, AAFB, Guam
06/20/24 736 SFS Training Area Upgrade
06/19/24 Jrm F&es Phtls and Tecc Training
06/19/24 JRM F&ES Electronic Patient Care Reporting Web-Based System
06/18/24 RF Analyzers and Components 2024 (RFI)
06/18/24 VM Tire Stock 2024
06/18/24 Steel Stackable Test Weights
06/18/24 Aircraft Parking Ramp, Hangar, Pump House And Fuel Storage
06/14/24 NICE Recorder Support (Motorola)
06/14/24 Pest Control Service and Treatment
06/14/24 Purchase of Various Sinuscopes
06/14/24 APHIS WS Guam UTVs
06/13/24 JRM F&ES Maintenance and Repair Hurst E Draulic Tools and Eagle Breath
06/09/24 NWF Portable Toilets and Handwash Stations
06/07/24 Cat It28g Vm Repair Parts 2024
06/07/24 Mobile Heavy Duty 96-Gallon Trash Containers (Guam)
06/05/24 USS MIGUEL KIETH Gyro Troubleshooting
06/05/24 36 MXS Equipment Wash Rack Replacement
06/05/24 Add Three (3) Medical Office Clerk *SOLE SOURCE*
05/31/24 RFQ North West Field, Guam, Requested Delivery Date: is JUNE 3rd-28th,
05/28/24 USS Frank Cable Dental X-Ray Computer Tower *SOLE SOURCE*

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