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State: Guam

Due DateSolicitation Name
12/18/20 In-store Specialty Delicatessen and Bakery Resale Operations, To Inclu
09/11/20 PACAF Intrusion Detection Systems
09/09/20 Harbor Tug Services
08/21/20 Used Lead Acid Batteries
08/17/20 Vehicle Lease
08/17/20 Telephone Set
08/17/20 Territorial Guam Mobile Devices/Service
07/27/20 554 RHS Plasma Table
07/01/20 Household Appliances, Military Family Housing, Andersen AFB, Guam
06/15/20 320 SF storage place
05/15/20 U. S. Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) 49th Asia-Pacific Econo
04/24/20 AFD: Towing, Storage, Maintenance and Disposal of Seized and/or Forfei
04/15/20 Astrophysics X-Ray Maintenance
04/10/20 Joint Region Marianas Commerical Mobile Devices and Plan Services
03/27/20 Construction of (a) a Multi-story Communications Center Facility
03/26/20 Modification Kit, Tr
03/24/20 Munitions Storage Igloos Phase 3
03/16/20 Adapter, Amplifier
03/16/20 Force Protection Equipment Maintenance
03/13/20 Force Protection Equipment Maintenance
01/28/20 Guam Time Charter Tugs
01/03/20 USNS Richard E. Byrd OHE Recertification
12/27/19 Actuator, Spring Bra
11/29/19 Guarng Pop Socket Grip Mount
11/29/19 Deluxe Insulated Cooler-chair

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