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State: Guam

Due DateSolicitation Name
07/30/22 36 MXS Industrial Floor Scrubbers (Guam)
07/26/22 Survey For Corals And Giant Clams
07/20/22 Coral Habitat And Marine Benthic Communities
07/05/22 Grounds Maintenance Service
07/01/22 Repair South Ramp, Det2, and South Flightline Tanks
06/30/22 RHS Equipment Corrosion Control
06/29/22 Inspection, Maintenance, and Servicing of Portable Fire Extinguishers
06/29/22 Technician Support and PMI for Hugs Infant Protection System
06/28/22 94th Civil Support Team FY22 Culminating Training Event & Task Profici
06/21/22 Sunshade Sustainment (Guam)
06/17/22 Master Gauge Assemblies
06/17/22 T-AO Communication Equipment CASREPs
06/10/22 Rescue Boat Engine Overhaul
06/06/22 Liquid Petroleum (LP) Gas Services
06/01/22 Technician Support & Preventive Maintenance for HUGS Infant Protection
05/27/22 Preventive Maintenance and Repair of Electronic Security System (ESS)
05/24/22 Protestant Gospel Musician Services
05/23/22 RME and Slop Removal and Disposal at Tank U-12
05/21/22 ANG Vault Intrusion Detection System Upgrade
05/11/22 Telephone Communication Consoles
04/27/22 Cable Television And Internet Data Services
04/27/22 36 CES Refill and Test Fire Extinguishers (Guam)
04/24/22 CRG Operational Planning Group Furniture
04/20/22 BICON Container
04/13/22 Fully Refined Paraffin Wax

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