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State: Arkansas

Due DateSolicitation Name
11/10/22 Government Financial and Compliance Audit
11/04/22 Provide Engineering and Support Services
10/20/22 Pump Station Replacement
10/20/22 Roof Replacement
10/18/22 Rehabilitation of the Walker Tank 50,000 Gallon Standpipe Rehabilitati
10/17/22 Community Center Sidewalks
10/13/22 Human Resources Leave Management Software
10/13/22 Baseball & Softball Complex
10/13/22 Re-Roof of the Old Administration Building
10/13/22 Renovation of an Existing Staff Suite
10/13/22 Forensic Evaluations
10/13/22 Glass Repair and Replacement
10/13/22 Tree/Limb Removal and Debris Cleanup
10/12/22 Fencing Repair and Replacement
10/12/22 Irrigation Maintenance and Repair
10/11/22 2021 Capital Improvements Program
10/11/22 High School Science Wing HVAC Replacement
10/11/22 Renovation and Conversion of First Ward School Into a Homeless Shelter
10/11/22 High School Science Wing HVAC Replacement Project
10/11/22 High School HVAC
10/11/22 Shop Building
10/10/22 Installation of Three (3) Generators
10/06/22 Annual Telecommunications Construction Bid for 2022
10/03/22 Water / Wastewater Rehab Project
09/30/22 Promotional Items

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