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State: Arkansas

Due DateSolicitation Name
01/03/19 River Market Hall Consultant
12/21/18 Fayetteville Construction of New Parking Spaces and the Replacement of
12/15/18 Internal Connections
12/14/18 Jury Assembly Room Renovations, US Courthouse, Fort Smith, AR
12/13/18 CCTV Conduit Install, U.S. Attorneys Lease Space, Fort Smith, AR
12/12/18 Request for Qualifications - Professional Engineering Service for Taxi
12/05/18 Banking Services
12/05/18 Construction - Masters Lift Station Elimination
12/04/18 Waste Removal Services
11/29/18 Fire Department Fitness Equipment
11/28/18 Construction – Wilson Park Court Improvements
11/28/18 Preventative Maintenance of Hvac Equipment
11/27/18 Center Pivot Hay Mower
11/27/18 Central City Highway 96 Water Line Relocation
11/27/18 Student Housing Renovation - McClean Hall
11/23/18 Pleasant Hill Ranger District Janitorial Services
11/20/18 2018 Financial Audit
11/20/18 Request for Qualifications - Financial Audit Services
11/20/18 South Endsquick Court Pavement Rehabilitation
11/19/18 Scanning and Post-process Digital Images of 44 Bound Books
11/19/18 Printing, Letterhead, and Envelopes
11/16/18 Special Operation Equipment
11/15/18 Fire Pump Maintenance
11/15/18 Internal Connections
11/13/18 Asphalt Overlay Construction

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