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State: Oklahoma

Due DateSolicitation Name
02/21/18 Submit A Quote To Provide, Install, And Maintain The New Lease Of A 1.
02/12/18 RFP - Voice of Customer program
02/07/18 22 Pieces of Surplus Equipment
02/05/18 Impoundment Dredging Services
02/05/18 Stiffener, Aircraft
02/05/18 Valve, Linear, Direct
02/02/18 Circuit Breaker
02/02/18 Request for Qualifications(RFQ) - Existing FF&E Transition Services
02/02/18 Ramp, Loading, Vehicle
02/02/18 Lever, Remote Control
01/31/18 AV Equipment for installation at TSE Building
01/30/18 Impact Fee Benefit Area Traffic Studies
01/30/18 Discharge Water Testing
01/29/18 Retainer, Seal
01/27/18 Container And Harne
01/26/18 Renovation of One Home
01/26/18 RFP - G&D BPS M3 Bank Note Processing System
01/25/18 Services for Coal Pile Inventory Measurement
01/25/18 Moog Servo Valve
01/25/18 Chromalox Heaters
01/24/18 Bracket Assembly
01/24/18 Print Building Inspection Stickers/Envelopes
01/24/18 All Weather Jackets
01/24/18 Water Resources Aluminum Signs
01/23/18 Kerr Septic Tank Cleanout

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