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State: Oklahoma

Due DateSolicitation Name
01/07/19 Auto Insurance for a Fleet of 76 Vehicles
12/20/18 On-site Concierge Services for Equipment Rentals for Norman Campus Hou
12/20/18 New Manufacture - Linear Piston Rods *SOLE SOURCE*
12/17/18 2004 Thomas Bus
12/14/18 Housing, Gearbox, Tur *CANCELLED*
12/14/18 Housing, Gearbox, Tur
12/14/18 Servo Valve, Hydrauli *SOLE SOURCE*
12/13/18 Cooler, Lubricating
12/12/18 Journeyman Electrician
12/11/18 Oklahoma Memorial Stadium Improvement
12/11/18 ICDBG Tishomingo Nutrition Center
11/30/18 Purchase and Delivery of an Uninterruptible Power Supply
11/29/18 Residential Cart
11/28/18 Stationary Hot Ram Coin Dimpler
11/27/18 Substation Construction Management Services
11/27/18 BDU-50 Cast Ductile Iron Practice Bomb
11/26/18 Coupling Assembly
11/26/18 Valve, Dual Check, Fuel
11/21/18 Guide, Combustion Chamber
11/21/18 Rib, Stiffener, Aircraft
11/21/18 Bearing, Roller, Cylindrical
11/21/18 Wobbler, Variable
11/21/18 Transmitter, Pressure
08/30/18 Additive Manufacturing System
08/13/18 Contractor Shall Furnish and Install a Complete Video Surveillance Sys

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