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State: Oklahoma

Due DateSolicitation Name
04/29/20 Terminal Building Upper Level Deck Structural Repairs Phase 3B
04/29/20 Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair Services for Passenger Boarding Br
04/20/20 Disassembling and Moving Rolling File Cabinet System From Old Jail and
04/17/20 Preventative Maintenance & Repair Kitchen Equipment
04/16/20 Water Treatment Plant Rehabilitation - Trident Model TR-210A 2 Units 7
04/16/20 Fuel Tank System for Airbus AS350B3e
04/16/20 Labs and Restroom Renovations
04/16/20 Elementary School Reroof
04/16/20 Elementary School Reroof
04/16/20 Schools Warehouse Reroof
04/16/20 Gym HVAC Renovation
04/16/20 Gym and Auditorium HVAC Renovation
04/16/20 High School Reroof
04/15/20 Golf Course and Driving Range Maintenance, Supplies and Equipment
04/15/20 Utility Boat
04/15/20 Sale of $750,000 of General Obligation Building Bonds
04/15/20 Rental of Construction, Grounds and Generator/Lighting Equipment
04/15/20 Maintenance, Repair and Operation Industrial Supplies
04/15/20 2019 Fire Rebuild
04/10/20 Commercial Property
04/09/20 Emulsions - Road Oils
04/09/20 BCF Water Station
04/09/20 RFP - NSU Video Management Solution
04/02/20 Sale of $8,880,000 of General Obligation Combined Purpose Bonds
03/31/20 Mowing and Cleaning of Properties

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