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State: Oklahoma

Due DateSolicitation Name
05/18/23 F-16 Dual Mode Transmitter RF Monitor 5998-01-288-5420 762R656G01
06/16/21 Altimeter, Servo Controlled
06/15/21 New Flooring and Installation
06/15/21 Pavement Rehabilitation
06/14/21 NTB - Bridge
06/14/21 Bar Screen
06/11/21 Citywide Arterial Asphalt Overlay
06/08/21 Concrete Roadway Panel Replacement with Additional Miscellaneous Concr
06/07/21 Enterprise Risk Management
06/04/21 Repair Containment And Fuel Tank Monitoring Eqpt
06/03/21 Wye Assembly, Inboard
06/03/21 Art Installations
06/03/21 Sod Procurement for OU Athletics
06/02/21 Sale of $445,000 of General Obligation Building Bonds
06/01/21 Waveguide Assembly
06/01/21 Volunteer T-Shirts
05/31/21 Construction of Two New Water Well Houses / Chlorination Rooms
05/31/21 C1FZ--Design Friendship House - OKC (VA-21-00031100)
05/28/21 Screw, Close Tolerance
05/28/21 Pin, Shoulder, Headless
05/28/21 Gearcase Motor
05/26/21 Market Survey/capability Assessment for Various Ge Engine Training Cou
05/26/21 Fire Alarm Contractor
05/24/21 Adhesive
05/24/21 24 Foot Command Trailer

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