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State: Oklahoma

Due DateSolicitation Name
04/11/19 Upgrade Roofing System Phase 2 (VA-19-00023584)
04/11/19 F108 Disk, Compressor, Air
03/29/19 Mechanical Housings
03/27/19 Lift Station Generator
03/25/19 Actuator, Electro-Me
03/25/19 Alternating Generator
03/15/19 Storm Drain Materials - Reinforced Concrete Box, Storm Drain Manholes
03/13/19 Net Motion Annual Renewal
03/12/19 Replace and Upgrade Elevators P7 & P8 (VA-19-00022938)
03/09/19 Remanufacture of B-1 Direct Current Motor
03/08/19 Generator Testing
03/08/19 Design-bid-build Construction Project of a Bulkhead Assembly
03/08/19 Purchase and Installation of New Washers and Dryers
03/08/19 High Accuracy Measurement Arm
03/06/19 Dow AMBERLITEā„¢ HPR4700 OH Ion Exchange Resin
03/01/19 Prisoner Transportation
03/01/19 Auto Lift Annual Inspection and Preventative Maintenance
02/28/19 Railroad Ties
02/27/19 Modernization Project
02/25/19 Modernization Project
02/25/19 Modernization Project
02/25/19 Track Crane Rental
02/25/19 Modernization Project
02/22/19 Food Services Tinker AFB- Blanket Purchase Agreement *SOLE SOURCE*
11/05/18 Housing, Gearbox, Tur (AMC 1C) *AWARDED*

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