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State: Prince Edward Island

Due DateSolicitation Name
12/18/20 RFP- Strategic Plan- 2021-2024
12/16/20 RFP- Auditing Services
12/11/20 Request for Quotation - Provincial Protein
12/11/20 Resort Municipality Official Plan and Bylaw Review
12/10/20 RFP - Chemistry Analyzer
12/09/20 Artist in Residence 2020
12/08/20 ITT - Biowaste Cook Tank Replacement
12/08/20 RFP - Tree Clearing Services
12/07/20 Request for Quotation - Hybrid USB-C/A Docking Stations for Veterans A
12/04/20 Oak Tree Liquor Store Cooler Renovation
12/04/20 Supply and Install Services for the AVC Incinerator Replacement/upgrad
12/04/20 RFP - Supply, Delivery, and Service of the Laundry Chemical System
12/03/20 NRFP for an Audit Advisor
12/03/20 Supply and Installation of a Specialized Rink Mechanical System
12/01/20 Biological Growth Chamber
11/30/20 RFP - Arena and Wellness Centre Contract #2-Concrete Foundation
11/27/20 RFP - Removal and or Demolition of a 1.75 Storey House and Site Restor
11/27/20 ITT - Strategic Plan 2021/2024
11/27/20 RFP - Removal and or Demolition of a Washroom/Storage Building and Sit
11/27/20 RFP - Removal and or Demolition and Site Restoration of a 1 1/2 Storey
11/27/20 RFP - Removal and or Demolition of a Garage and Site Restoration
11/27/20 RFP - Removal and or Demolition of a 1 Storey House and Shed and Site
11/20/20 Request for Quotation - Sale of Used Vehicle
11/20/20 RFP - Floor Replacement
11/16/20 RFP - Roof Replacement

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