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State: Prince Edward Island

Due DateSolicitation Name
01/31/19 Property for Sale, Huntley, PID # 16642
01/18/19 Gaming and Non-Gaming Products and Services Field Trials
02/14/18 Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat
02/02/18 50HP Yamaha Outboard Motor
01/31/18 Property for Sale, Bristol
01/31/18 Base Building for Retail stores
01/31/18 Property for Sale, Cardross
01/31/18 Property for Sale, Mayfield
01/31/18 Property for Sale, O'Leary
01/31/18 Property for Sale, Baie-Egmont, PID # 268615
01/31/18 Screw in Foundations
01/31/18 Property for Sale, Mayfield
01/31/18 Property for Sale, Donaldston, PID # 996934
01/30/18 Public Works Core Depot Rental
01/30/18 Tote System At Red Shores
01/30/18 RFP - Red Shores Tote System
01/29/18 US Consumer Research
01/26/18 Washroom Renovation
01/26/18 Residential Services and Core Operations Funding Models for Non Govern
01/24/18 IV Infusion Pumps
01/23/18 Full Size Cargo Van
01/12/18 Signage - Printing Services
01/09/18 Distribution Tote
01/09/18 Warehouse Equipment and Supplies
01/09/18 Hardwood Pallet Tender

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