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State: Arizona

Due DateSolicitation Name
11/15/19 Demographic Survey
11/13/19 Comprehensive Market Analysis for Non - Faculty Staff
11/08/19 Safety and Non-Safety Uniforms, Accessories, and Related Services (Avi
11/07/19 Appraisal Service Providers
11/07/19 Data Analysis Services
11/06/19 Off Road Equipment Cutting Edges and Tools - Requirements Contract
11/05/19 Floodway - Low Flow Channel
11/05/19 FY2019 CMAQ Alley Dustproofing
11/05/19 IFB - New Library
11/01/19 Safety and Non-Safety Uniforms, Accessories, and Related Services (Hou
11/01/19 IT Financial/Business and Service Desk Assessment
11/01/19 RFP - Construct, Deliver and Setup Three Commercial Modular Buildings
11/01/19 Port Import Export Reporting Service
10/31/19 HVAC Job Order Contractor
10/30/19 RFI - Enterprise Information Management and Analytics Program
10/29/19 School Roof Restoration Building D
10/29/19 Car and Truck Wash Services
10/25/19 Survey Equipment and Supplies
10/24/19 Exercise / Fitness Equipment
10/24/19 Septic Systems - Pumping - Repair
10/22/19 Purchase and Delivery of Antifreeze
10/22/19 Bushing Blank
10/22/19 Spring,Spiral,Torsi
10/16/19 Traffic Counter Parts - SOLE SOURCE
10/16/19 Propane Gas Purchase & Delivery

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