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State: Arizona

Due DateSolicitation Name
11/15/18 Sale and Adaptive Reuse of the 1 South 24th Street Parcel
11/07/18 AZNET III - Voice and Network Communication Services
10/12/18 RFP - Winslow 20 Architectural/Engineering Consultant Services
10/12/18 Call To Artist for City of Phoenix in Flux Temporary Art Projects
10/10/18 FY 19 Road Recovery- Rehabilitation Package 1
10/09/18 RFP - Installation of the Orbital ATK GASL Aerotunnel
10/05/18 Various Landscape/Agricultural/Field Maintenance Equipment, Accessorie
10/03/18 Webbing, Textile
10/02/18 Portable Tracked Screening Plant
09/28/18 Grease Removal Services for Arizona State Hospital
09/26/18 Janitorial Tasks for the Whiteriver Field Office
09/26/18 Water Main Replacement ABB: Moujntain View Road to Peoria Ave. 15th Av
09/25/18 Genesis Computers
09/25/18 Ballast, Lamp
09/24/18 Flooring B1358
09/21/18 Usb Signal Analyzer
09/21/18 Altium Designer PDN
09/21/18 The Quiet Box AR700
09/21/18 Scip Clear Diesel Fuel
09/21/18 Crash Towel Tiered Evaluations
09/21/18 Intron Hardware Software Upgrade
09/20/18 Axis Cameras
09/20/18 Well Monitoring and Sampling Equipment
09/18/18 Discover Drones Classroom Pack
06/18/18 Pit Toilet Removal

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