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State: Arizona

Due DateSolicitation Name
03/28/19 RFP - Fencing Project
03/28/19 RFP - Fencing Project
03/28/19 RFP - Management of Shooting Range Facility
03/26/19 Neighborhood Parks & Basin Turf Mowing Services
03/26/19 Timber for Sale
03/25/19 Hamer Fischbein High Speed Wire Ring Bag Closer Model RBC
03/22/19 RFP - Long Term Disability Plan
03/21/19 IDEXX Water Testing Reagents and Supplies
03/20/19 The Purchase and Installation of Equipment for the Police Department A
03/20/19 Community Park - CMAR
03/19/19 Professional Services for Well Drilling Oversight
03/15/19 RFP - Contracted Transported Services
03/15/19 Paid Parking Services for WestWorld
03/14/19 Riparian Restoration (phase 1A)
03/12/19 Statement of Qualifications Public Works On-call Professional Services
03/08/19 Equipment Maintenance and Repair Services
03/08/19 On-Call Engineering Services
03/08/19 Purchase and Installation of Equipment
03/07/19 Anodeless Service Risers
03/02/19 Spring, Helical, Component
03/01/19 Security Personnel Apparel
03/01/19 Group Empowerment Sessions
02/28/19 Viking Immersion suits
02/24/19 12" x12" Clear 4 Mil Poly Property Bags
01/11/19 Quarters Kitchen Remodeling

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