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State: Hawaii

Due DateSolicitation Name
07/03/19 Design, Build, Operate, and Maintain Combined H-POWER Ash and Automoti
05/23/19 Terminal Repairs, International Airport
05/23/19 Baseyard, ARFF Station, and Building 201 Improvements, International A
05/22/19 RFP - Coordinated Public Transit Human Service Transportation Plan (CS
05/20/19 RFP - Public Information and Communications Specialist for the Design
05/17/19 Regional Park Construction of Dog Park
05/17/19 Electrical and SCADA Improvements for Various Wastewater Pump Stations
05/17/19 Wastewater Treatment Plant SHF Headworks Modifications, SHF SBR/AD Imp
05/16/19 Printing Production Services of the Senior Services "The Best Years"
05/16/19 Bulk Mailing Services for the Senior Services "The Best Years" Monthly
05/15/19 Installation, Maintenance, and Repair of Lifeguard Towers
05/09/19 Furnish and Deliver Mowers and Utility Vehicles
05/09/19 Installation and Repair of Chain Link Fencing
05/08/19 LED Streetlights
05/08/19 Furnish and Deliver Work Vehicles
05/03/19 Ford Police Interceptor All Wheel Drive Patrol Vehicles
05/02/19 Janitorial Supplies Price List May - October 2019
05/02/19 Furnish and Deliver Various Special Vehicles and Equipment
05/01/19 Furnish and Deliver Passenger Vehicles
04/26/19 Bluebeam Revu & Revu Extreme 2018 Maintenance for Licensing
04/25/19 Wiwa Parts
04/24/19 Outdoor Fitness Equipment Materials
04/23/19 Portable Toilet and Sink Services
04/01/19 Repair Services for Vulcanized Rubber - Awarded
02/21/19 Surgical Implants Equipment's and Supplies *Awarded*

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