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State: Hawaii

Due DateSolicitation Name
08/23/18 Furnishing and Delivery of One (1) 20 Ton Tilt Deck Trailer
08/22/18 Furnishing of Materials for Slurry Sealing #2
08/22/18 Furnishing and Delivery of Asphalt Based Pavement Sealer
08/21/18 Furnishing of Asphalt Concrete, Emulsified Asphalt
08/21/18 Furnishing of Cold Mix Asphalt Concrete
08/17/18 Valve, Gage
08/17/18 Communications and PR for the Design and Construction of the Wailuku C
08/16/18 Hawaii Regional Dockside
08/10/18 FY18 OMA Repair North Drainage, Overhead Electrical Lines and Telecomm
08/10/18 Sta Compact Coag System Analyzer With Supplies
08/08/18 Shipfitter Mechanics
08/01/18 Collapsible Cat Traps
07/31/18 Yeast Hydrolysate Enzymatic Protein (food grade)
07/25/18 Furnish, Deliver and Install Human Patient Simulators
07/25/18 SANS Information Security Training
07/24/18 Evidence Drying Cabinet
07/24/18 Cairns 660c Fire Helmet Headbands
07/24/18 RFQ - Precision Balance
07/24/18 RFQ - Portable Evaporative Cooler
07/23/18 Catholic Religious Education Coordinator
07/23/18 Personal Watercraft
07/20/18 Timing Services for Richardson's Rough Water Swim (in Hilo On 7/29/18)
07/19/18 RFQ - Ratcheting Socket Wrench
07/19/18 APC SMART-UPS
06/07/18 Weekend & Holiday Courier Services

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