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State: Hawaii

Due DateSolicitation Name
12/24/19 Removal and Reuse of Biosolids
12/06/19 Fire Training Center Air Conditioning System Improvements
11/20/19 Homes Feasibility and Implementation Study
11/15/19 Recreation Building Improvements
11/15/19 Provide Next Generation VIOP Platform
11/14/19 Task Chairs
11/14/19 Grants in Aid (GIA) Fiscal Year 2021
11/14/19 Providers of Professional Services
11/14/19 Home Investment Partnerships (Home) Program Fy 2018 and Housing Trust
11/14/19 Provide Vector Control Treatment Services
11/12/19 To Establish a Statewide Program That Permits the Posting of Monetary
11/12/19 MPD Fuel Tank Replacement
11/12/19 Construction Management Services for the Restroom Improvements, Phase
11/06/19 ITB - Two (2) 4 X 4 One Ton Pickup Truck With Aluminum Platform Body,
10/31/19 Providing of Hauling Services
10/28/19 F/D of Janitorial Supplies (price list)
10/24/19 Furnish and Deliver Supplemental Fresh Produce
10/21/19 Preventive Maintenance and Repair Services for Ductless Split Air Cond
10/16/19 HPAC Technical Assistance - SOLE SOURCE
10/15/19 Calibration and Preventive Maintenance of Precision Measurement Equipm
10/15/19 Calibration, Preventive Maintenance, and Verification Services
10/15/19 Repair and Preventative Maintenance of Optima 8300 ICP-OES (2 ea.) - C
10/15/19 Ice Making Machine With Bin
10/14/19 Police Badges
10/14/19 Mower Replacement Engine

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