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State: New Hampshire

Due DateSolicitation Name
09/12/24 Acquisition & Redevelopment of 1 Winter Street, City of Somersworth (R
09/10/24 Home Electrification and Appliance Rebate Program (Sec. 50122) Impleme
09/05/24 Little Bog Pond Dam and Lower Trio Pond Dam Reconstruction Project
08/28/24 Auditing Services
08/28/24 Awareness of and Navigation To SMVF Resources
08/16/24 Consultant To Craft a Business Plan To Establish a Home Creators Utili
08/16/24 New Hampshire Bedrock Geologic Mapping (RFI)
08/15/24 Request for Proposals Surplus Materials
08/13/24 Marketing Services
08/12/24 White Mountain National Forest - FHQ Vis Leak Repair [Request For Quot
08/09/24 Design/Build Services for Police Deparment HVAC Upgrade/Replacement (R
07/31/24 Kitchen Equipment and Assorted Kitchen Items
07/31/24 Fire Pumper Truck
07/31/24 Replacement of Roofing On Seven Out-buildings At the Wrbp Franklin Was
07/31/24 Nhcfw Boiler Heating System Repair Services (RFP)
07/25/24 Janitorial Cleaning Services
07/25/24 Educational Training (RFI)
07/25/24 Crack Sealing Services (RFB)
07/24/24 Installation and Operation of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (RFI)
07/23/24 Toner
07/22/24 Request for Proposals: Roadway Line Striping
07/19/24 KC-46 Exhaust and Inlet Covers
07/19/24 Gear, Spur - Request for Quotations
07/18/24 Splunk Enterprise Security and Threat Intelligence Management
07/15/24 Crack Sealing

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