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State: New Hampshire

Due DateSolicitation Name
01/22/19 Nashua Public Library Courtyard Renovation
01/11/19 Sale of a Model Year 2010 International Hybrid Transit Bus
01/11/19 Food Service Management Contract
01/11/19 One (1) Low Floor Cutaway Van
01/11/19 Elementary Building Entry Upgrades
01/10/19 Colonial Pines Sewer Extension - Phase 2
01/10/19 Cemetery Maintenance
01/09/19 Submit Quote To Provide, Install and Maintain a 150MB Niprnet Service
01/08/19 Construction of the WWTF Dewatering Upgrade
01/03/19 ITB - Dispatch Communication System Upgrade
01/03/19 Hall Street Wastewater Treatment Facility Primary Clarifier Upgrades P
01/02/19 ITB - Purchase of Four Smart Board Mx065
12/24/18 Janitorial Services, Multiple Locations Throughout New Hampshire
12/24/18 Repair Steam and Condensate on Goodrich Ave.
12/24/18 Visitor Center Building Painting
12/21/18 Commercial Drive Pumping Station Improvements at the Wastewater Pumpin
12/21/18 Water Meters Inventory
12/20/18 IFB - Self-contained Breathing Apparatus and Associated Accessories
12/20/18 RFP - USNH Internet
12/20/18 Lancaster, Nh - Guildhall, V - Replacement of the Existing Red List Br
12/20/18 RFP - Cleaning Services
12/19/18 Lebanon School District Transportation and Maintenance Facility
12/18/18 Snow Removal And Sanding Services At Hopkinton Lake, Hopkinton
12/18/18 Snow Removal and Sanding Activities At the Everett Lake Project Area i
12/14/18 RFQ - Draper & Maynard Building - Makerspace Renovations

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