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State: New Hampshire

Due DateSolicitation Name
12/31/23 Painter Needed for Town Buildings
11/17/23 Proposal for Secondary Clarifiers Retrofits (RFP)
11/09/23 Sale by City of Real Property
11/09/23 The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP)
11/02/23 HVAC Coil Fabrication
10/27/23 Legal Services (RFP)
10/27/23 Snow Removal (RFP)
10/27/23 Mary E. Bartlett Memorial Library Amphitheater Improvement Project
10/26/23 Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement Cottage/Office, Garage & Pumphouse
10/26/23 HVAC Preventative Maintenance and Repair Services
10/25/23 Goose Pond Dam Improvements
10/25/23 Town Report Printing (RFP)
10/25/23 Technology Services (RFP)
10/19/23 Rust Pond North Inlet BMPs
10/19/23 City Hall & PD/Court Elevator Modernization (RFP)
10/19/23 Carpet Replacement At 110 Smokey Bear Blvd
10/18/23 Visitors Center Roof & Entrance Repairs (RFP)
10/13/23 Toner
10/13/23 Propane Bids
10/13/23 NNIS Control and Elimination Plan (RFP)
10/13/23 Focused Site Investigation To Detect the Presence of PFAS
10/12/23 Commercial Conveyor Dishwasher (supply and Install)
10/11/23 2012 F350 Engine Replacement (Supply and Install)
10/05/23 Recycled Aluminum
10/05/23 Flags (State of New Hampshire, Veterans and United States)

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