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State: Tennessee

Due DateSolicitation Name
12/17/21 Carbon in Bulk Load Quantities
12/01/21 RFP - Emergency Disposal Management
11/29/21 Worker’s Compensation Coverage for E-911
11/24/21 Youth Services
11/23/21 Purchase of New and Unused 2022 Harley Davidson "Or Equal" Police Moto
11/22/21 Student Recreation Facilities Space Evaluation / Programming Project
11/19/21 Gymnasium HVAC renovation
11/19/21 School Bus Bid
11/18/21 Window Replacement
11/18/21 Rear Storm Door Replacement
11/18/21 Fiber Splicing Trailers (2)
11/17/21 New Library Project
11/15/21 Street Bridge Replacement
11/15/21 Groundskeeping Services
11/11/21 Uniforms To Be Used
11/11/21 Police and Fire Uniforms
11/10/21 Audio, Visual, Lighting Systems & Equipment
11/10/21 Golf Course Cart Path Maintnance
11/10/21 Request for Quotation - Natural Gas Reserve for UTK
11/09/21 Vacuum Priming System
11/09/21 Golf Carts
11/08/21 Water Meter Retrofit Replacement Registers
11/02/21 Computer Training Classes
11/02/21 Multiple Buildings Roof Replacements
11/01/21 Lift Station Pump Replacement

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