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State: Georgia

Due DateSolicitation Name
01/07/20 National Asian Language Tobacco Use and Dependence Treatment Support S
01/07/20 National and State Tobacco Control Program
09/20/19 Packing and Crating
09/18/19 Design Build of the Office of Principal Legal Advisior (OPLA) Office S
09/18/19 Next Generation All Aluminum Pallets
09/09/19 New Water Supplies for Optima Project
09/09/19 New Fire System Supplies for Davis Complex
09/06/19 Replacement-camp Cornelia Water Well
09/03/19 35 Ton Lowboy Trailer
09/03/19 Spral119r0012
08/29/19 Design Build Of The Office Of Principal Legal Advisior (OPLA) Office S
08/28/19 Plumbing Supplies
08/28/19 2020 Chevrolet Tahoe 4wd Special Support Vehicles for the Fire Departm
08/27/19 Cardio and Fitness Equipment
08/26/19 Guldmann Ceiling Lifts *CANCELLATION*
08/23/19 Hedis Data License PR# 36324 - SOLE SOURCE
08/23/19 Federal Gold Medal plastic Product code GMT178 12 gauge #7.5 Shot
08/22/19 SSBN Propeller Repair *SOLE SOURCE*
08/22/19 Washers and Dryers
08/22/19 Surveyor LaptopLic, Power Manager Software and Yearly Maintenance
08/19/19 GSA interested in leasing space in Sweet Water, FL
08/19/19 GSA interested in leasing space in Sweet Water, FL
08/13/19 LB&I, TCJA, ETP Web Survey Materials
06/11/19 Inner Harbor Dredging Reaches A & B Stations 70+000 to 103+000, Savann
04/05/19 GE Panda Warmer *CANCELLATION*

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