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State: Kentucky

Due DateSolicitation Name
10/16/18 Pecan Grove Enhancement Project Ballard WMA
10/12/18 Cross Functional Team High Utilizer Housing First Program
10/10/18 Hydro-Vac Excavator Truck
10/10/18 Lincoln County Maintenance Garage Fire Repairs
10/10/18 Housing Authority of Frankfort - Roofing Replacement
10/08/18 Lease Approximately 2,106 SF of Space
10/05/18 Air Service Development Consulting Services
10/04/18 Security Vestibules
10/03/18 Overdose Prevention Awareness Campaign
10/03/18 W.T. Young Library - Cupola and Stone Belt Repair and Cleaning
10/01/18 Horse Park Soccer Fields
10/01/18 Tire Retreading
10/01/18 Temporary Labor for General Services
10/01/18 Office Supplies
10/01/18 Purchase of One New or Used (under 40,000 Miles) Model 7 To 9 Passeng
10/01/18 School & Instructional Supplies
10/01/18 Telescopic Bleachers and Stadium Seating
10/01/18 Playground and Recreational Equipment
09/28/18 Bradley Hall Copper Roof & Fourth Floor Renovations
09/27/18 Machine Tool Mills
09/25/18 Kroger L-758 (Mt. Washington, KY)
09/21/18 Maintenance Renewal for DocAve and Avepoint
09/21/18 Ancillary Supplies
09/21/18 Reagents for GeneXpert Instrument
09/20/18 T-Shirt Cannon

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