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State: Kentucky

Due DateSolicitation Name
03/10/20 RFP - Pedestrian Tunnel- Design- Build Project
02/26/20 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act - Title I Services for One St
02/21/20 RFP - Overlook Area Rental Cabins
02/21/20 RFP - Construction and Operation of a Retail Development
02/13/20 Laptops
02/12/20 Elementary School Hvac Upgrades
02/12/20 High School HVAC Improvements
02/12/20 Elementary School Upgrades
02/11/20 Restoration Services
02/11/20 Water Treatment Plant Chemicals
02/11/20 Mowing Services
02/11/20 Aquarius Way Storm Sewer Remediation Project
02/10/20 Cassity Building Window Replacement
02/10/20 Lab Specimen Courier Service
02/10/20 Mowing
02/06/20 Bags, Cook Chill Operation & Cook Tank
02/06/20 10T Hoist Replacement at Nolin River Lake
02/04/20 Special Education Equipment & Supplies
01/31/20 Theater Sound Installation
01/31/20 Protestant Choir Director
01/30/20 Hazards Weather Radio Maintenance *SOLE SOURCE*
01/30/20 Catholic Parish Coordinator
01/30/20 Flooring Material
11/06/19 Pavement Improvements
01/07/14 IT Data Warehouse Business Intelligence *Sole Source*

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