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State: Kentucky

Due DateSolicitation Name
04/02/21 Vehicle Maintenance Shop
03/30/21 Urban Forestry Master Plan
03/29/21 RFP - Deep Reactive Ion Etching System
03/26/21 Custodial Cleaning Services
03/26/21 Construction of Target Structure
03/26/21 Wrus Radio Tower *SOLE SOURCE*
03/25/21 Rise Academy Renovations
03/23/21 Supply of Water Treatment Chemicals
03/22/21 RFP - Legal Services
03/18/21 Floor Mounted X-Ray System
03/18/21 Rock, Sand and Backfill Materials
03/18/21 Ready-mixed Concrete
03/18/21 Request for Quotation - Solar Lighting for Bus Shelters
03/18/21 S208--Cave Hill National Cemetery GMS
03/18/21 S208-- Zachary Taylor National Cemetery Grounds Maintenance Services
03/17/21 ITB - Grounds Maintenance, Landscaping and Snow Removal
03/16/21 Removing and Tranporting Huts Telecommunication Shelter "Huts" Decommi
03/15/21 Repair and Stabilization of Sites
03/15/21 Switch, Limit
03/12/21 Motorola GTR/PDR Repeaters
03/12/21 Request for Quote - Facility Fire Alarm Replacement
03/10/21 Agricultural Wash & Sanitization
03/10/21 RFP - Plant Facilities & Maintenance Master Agreement
03/10/21 Seeks To Lease Office and Related Space
03/09/21 Office Furniture

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