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State: West Virginia

Due DateSolicitation Name
05/11/21 D-9 Recall Striping
05/11/21 D-10 Recall Striping
05/11/21 D-7 Recall Striping
05/11/21 D-8 Recall Striping
05/11/21 D-6 Recall Striping
04/08/21 Newer Mid Size Pick Up With Extended Cab, 4WD, Short Bed, V-6 Gasoline
04/06/21 Fire Rescue Apparatus
04/02/21 Taxi Driver Fatigue Data Collection
03/25/21 Bridge Deck Replacement
03/24/21 Restroom Renovations
03/18/21 Onsite Dentist Services
03/12/21 FY 21 3rd Qtr Eggs
03/12/21 CDC/NIOSH, Upgrade AQ HVAC System *Sole Source*
03/12/21 FY21 3rd Qtr Dairy
03/12/21 FY21 3rd Qtr Bread
03/12/21 FY 21 3rd Qtr Subsistence
03/12/21 FY21 3rd Qtr Meat
03/12/21 FY21 3rd Qtr Kosher
03/10/21 Mowing and Groundwater Monitoring, Well Inspection and Repair
03/10/21 Sole Source - Alaska Methane Hydrate Project
03/09/21 SLEIS Software License & Tech Support DAQ21-3 *SOLE SOURCE*
03/09/21 Telephone And Text Hotline Support *Sole Source*
03/08/21 Waste Removal
03/08/21 Solid Waste Removal
02/26/21 Replacement of Commercial Tumbler Dryers Project

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