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State: West Virginia

Due DateSolicitation Name
04/22/20 Comprehensive Medical Service
02/22/20 Non-Clinical Nurse Case Management Support Services
02/20/20 Grp0-long Range Interpretive Plan
02/20/20 Q201--Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Services
02/19/20 Temporary Service Workers
02/13/20 Wildlife- 47 Rifles & Optics for Game Management
02/13/20 Consulting Services
02/13/20 Consulting Services
02/12/20 RFP - Business Marketing Advisor
02/12/20 RFP - Advertising and Marketing Services
02/10/20 Mini-Rescue
02/07/20 AC Repair
02/05/20 Executive Search Consulting Services
02/05/20 UPS Power Supply Service
02/05/20 Purchase 3000 crossties for Central Railroad
02/04/20 HVAC Upgrade
01/30/20 Book: The Teacher Residency Model..., or Equal
01/29/20 Replace Hot Water Pump and Expansion Tank
01/28/20 Book: Miss Nelson Is Missing (Paperback)
01/28/20 Book: Tacky The Penguin (Paperback)
01/28/20 Smokey Bear Fire Prevention and Educational Materials *SOLE SOURCE*
01/28/20 Book: The Creative Curriculum for Preschool, 6th Edition, DR
01/27/20 Book: Mushroom in the Rain (paperback)
01/24/20 Refuse Services
01/17/20 Upgrade ScriptPro Current Equipment *Sole Source*

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