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State: West Virginia

Due DateSolicitation Name
11/17/22 Marimon Row Scaffold
10/20/22 RFQ - HVAC Replacement
10/20/22 Little League Baseball Fields
10/19/22 Water Storage Tank
10/18/22 Acquisition of Snow Broom with Air Blast
10/18/22 Acquisition of Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment
10/18/22 2022820015 - Guardrail
10/18/22 Acquisition of Deicing Equipment - Sweeper
10/18/22 Acquisition of Snow Dump Truck
10/18/22 Restroom Renovation Contract
10/17/22 A New Liberty High School Football Stadium Press Box
10/17/22 ESSERF Projects
10/14/22 Pickup Regular Cab Truck
10/12/22 Kitchen Equipment Repair and Preventive Maintenance
10/11/22 RFB - Light Poles
10/10/22 Inspection, Asbestos Abatement, and Demolition of the Structure
10/06/22 Camera Expansion Project
10/05/22 Truck Repair
09/30/22 SPS Cabinet Maintenance
09/30/22 Radioactive Materials
09/29/22 RFB - County Clean-Up
09/27/22 Bulk Liquid Oxygen
09/26/22 HeartMath Certified Training Program *SOLE SOURCE*
09/26/22 Tunnel Team Equipment
09/26/22 Angiographic Injector System

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