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State: West Virginia

Due DateSolicitation Name
07/16/24 Gen John Craddock Bridge EB/WB
06/28/24 B&O Generator (RFP)
06/21/24 Time & Material (RFP)
06/19/24 Acquire Passenger Boarding Bridge
06/14/24 Window Blinds – Mecho Shade Bands
06/12/24 Comprehensive Plan Update (Request for Qualifications)
06/11/24 Integrated Pest Management
06/07/24 Towing Services (RFP)
06/07/24 Tire Services
06/06/24 Metal Bollards
06/05/24 Generator Maintenance and Services (RFP)
06/05/24 Elevator Maintenance and Repair (RFP)
06/05/24 No Till Seeder
06/04/24 Rental of Cleaning Towels, Dust Mop Heads, Frames and Halndels and Ent
06/04/24 Rental of Cleaning Towels, Dust Mop Heads
06/03/24 Removal and Replacement of a Gasoline/diesel Above Ground Tank
05/31/24 Consulting Engineer - (Request for Engineering Qualifications)
05/31/24 Waste and Recycling Management at Potomac State College (RFP)
05/30/24 Diesel Fuel Gasoline Heating Oil (RFB)
05/28/24 1 Ton, 4 Wheel Drive Dump Truck Equipped With a Snow Plow and Hydrauli
05/28/24 Replacement of a Walk-in Combo Cooler / Freezer
05/27/24 Adv. Alloy Center VAR-ESR Furnace
05/23/24 Software Maintenance, Service and Support of XML Spy Professional XML
05/22/24 Drones (RFP)
05/22/24 Document Scanning (ETEC)

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