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State: Quebec

Due DateSolicitation Name
06/03/22 VCM Air Monitoring System
05/30/22 Cloud Based Enterprise Learning Management System
05/25/22 Joint Terminal Attack Controller Virtual Training System
05/25/22 Less than Lethal Extended Sponge Round
05/20/22 Trucks, Electric, Class 6, 7 and 8
05/19/22 Monitoring Services
05/17/22 Repair of Grass Surfaces and Plants North Link,
05/16/22 RFP - Recycling service
05/12/22 Office Furniture Per SA
05/12/22 Acquisition, Delivery and Installation SA and NSA Furniture CAT 1,2 an
05/10/22 Supply & Deliver Twin Mattresses
05/10/22 Major Mackenzie Drive Renovations
05/09/22 Notice of Proposed Procurement - Mattress
05/09/22 Transcription of Court Notes Services
05/04/22 UPS APC Maintenance Package for the Virtual Lab
05/03/22 Symposium 2022 *SOLE SOURCE*
04/25/22 Request for Standing Offer - Horizontal Wood Grinding Services
04/20/22 VIDO Addition and Renovation Project
04/19/22 Language Training
03/30/22 Request for Quotations - Work Gloves, Hoses, Clamps, General Supplies
03/30/22 Request for Quotations - Sweeper Bristle Brooms
03/30/22 Request for Quotations - Shoes for Tenco One Way Plow
03/30/22 Request for Quotations - Lumber , Hardware, Tools, Building Maintaina
03/30/22 Request for Quotations - Used Sea Cans
03/30/22 Request for Quotations - Allu Bucket M-3-17 Teeth and Roll Pins, Roads

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