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State: Quebec

Due DateSolicitation Name
10/30/18 Building Access Clearance Work At Garnison Valcartier
10/30/18 Snow Removal Work, La Citadelle De Quebec and Surrounding Areas
10/29/18 Request for Information - Phoenix Pay Stabilization Request Automation
10/29/18 Armoires De Stockage D'armes
10/29/18 Distilation Unit
10/29/18 Snow Traction Tire Chains
10/23/18 Replacement of the Generator, Federal Training Centre
10/22/18 No-Till Drill
10/19/18 Letter of Interest - Major Rehabilitation of the Prince Shoal Lighthou
10/17/18 Major Renovation Work in Plumbing and Heating, Garnison Valcartier
10/12/18 IT Professional Services Omnibus
10/11/18 ITT - Repair and Replacement of the Crowning Walls and Top Seats Repai
10/10/18 IM/IT Engineering and Architecture
10/04/18 4.5 Financial/cost Specialist for Real Property - Senior
10/04/18 Change Management Analysis, Strategy & Engagement Plan for the Gatinea
10/04/18 ITT - Reconstruction of Category 4 and 6 Roads Grande-Grève Boulevard
10/04/18 Replacement of Two Retention Pits for Recreational Vehicle Drainage -
10/03/18 Technology Architect
10/02/18 Acquisition of Telecommunications Equipment
10/02/18 Programmer/ Software Developer
10/01/18 Cap Cloth
10/01/18 AXT Wafer Supply - *Sole Source
10/01/18 Air Maintenance Technical Library - *Sole Source
09/28/18 Frequency Converters
09/25/18 Lock Rehabilitation

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